Author Note: I tend to not write other people’s characters. I write my own characters in other people’s worlds.

The door to the office burst open. “Jonathan! Y-”
Jonathan held up his hand, shushing the intruder, and finishing the page he was on. He closed the book, set it on his desk, then looked at the person standing in his door. “It’s my recruit, isn’t it?”
“… Yes.”
Jonathan slowly stood up, and walked out of his office, into the hall. He sighed, and walked toward a small room with a few tables, chairs, vending machines, and a TV. Everyone in the room froze, except one person, who appeared to be standing on the roof, drinking a lemonade, even though the lemonade was still following the proper laws of physics. He didn’t seem to notice anyone had entered.
Jonathan spoke, and though it was quiet, it sounded like a rocket had been launched.
The young man standing on the roof finished his drink, and turned around. “Yes, Chief?”
“I’ve told you not to call me that. My office. Now.”
Vincent flipped over, landing on his feet, following Jonathan to his office with a smirk on his face to his fellow recruits. He didn’t seem phased. He strode into the office, and watched Jonathan sit down. “If this is about my-”
“This isn’t about anything you did in the lounge, although that did give me an excuse to call you in here. I’ve decided that you could use a vacation.”
“Sounds fine to me, Bossman.”
“All I ask is that you act normal while you’re off-duty. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be cut off, I’m just saying that… don’t… well, don’t be yourself.”
“I’ll try my best, Cap’n.”
“You’re kind of stretching for that one.”
“I know. Should I require you a parrot?”
“Do you even want to know where we’re sending you?”
“I thought, being a vacation, I’d be al-”
Vincent’s jaw dropped. “B-b-but… There’s SNOW there!” Vincent started shuddering as if he was already sitting in a 3 foot snow drift instead of standing in a nice, warm climate. He instinctively required his jacket thicker.
“Vincent, you’re one of the best recruits we’ve had in decades. But you seem stuck in the idea that we’re only located in Arizona. I know you’re going to get places fast, but if you’re not ready for things in other places, you’ll get your ass handed to you, but quick. So that’s what this vacation is for. We just want you to be able to deal with a new environment of climate, people, and atmosphere.”
“I- I guess that makes sense. I won’t be doing anything but acclimating and enjoying myself, correct?”
“That’s correct, unless an emergency comes up, of course. We’re going to be sending you via airplane.”
“Is that everything, then, Grand Poobah?”
Jonathan glared at Vincent.
“Yes. And I don’t want to hear about Denver being overrun by hamsters and green fish sticks!”
“No, sir. That most certainly won’t happen again.”