Vincent walked into the common room, and tried not to roll his eyes. He walked from Point A, which was somewhere near the door, to Point B, which was on the other side of the room, where the most techies were gathered at the moment.
“Hey, is there a party going on? Because I forgot my dice block.”
One of the techs turned to him and raised an eyebrow. She had purple hair, and it looked rather good on her. “Seriously? You walk into a room, in a foreign country, with people you’ve never met, and you reference a game like Mario Party?”
“Well, I wasn’t going to reference Pac-Man 2. That shit’s boring.”
One of the other techs giggled and leaned over to the purple haired one. “He’s got you there.”
“Fine. We’re having a tournament. Diddy Kong Racing.”
“Hey, I used to not suck at that. Is it too late to enter?”
After a few hours, one of the techs loudly made an exclamation that sounded entirely too much like an Australian stereotype for Vincent’s ears. After a moment of focusing and trying to figure out the accent, Vincent dropped his fake ‘I know what the fuck’s going on’ face, for a legitimate face of comprehension.
“-late for a Corpse run!”
The girl with the purple hair chimed in. “We don’t really need to be punctual for those. Corpses don’t just get up and walk off.”
Vincent withheld a chuckle. “Yeah, they do. Haven’t you ever played Resident Evil?”
“Well, yeah, but there are no fae in Resident Evil.”
“Mind if I join you? It’d help me learn the town a bit.”
Purple-haired girl snorted. Vincent was unsure if it was sarcasm or amusement. A smaller boy with greenish lines in his hair stood up. “I think it’s a good idea. We could use a big, strong field recruit to protect us.”
Vincent looked at himself, then back at the techs. “What? I look strong to you?”
A bit later, Vincent found himself blending in with the techs, but not blending in to being in Australia. Everything was so… summertime. And it was still November. He looked at the purple-haired one again, and tried to remember her name. They’d all introduced themselves as they walked out of the building, but Vincent couldn’t handle that much info at once. There were three of them. A tall guy, with a smooth, but very business face; the purple haired girl, and the tiny guy with the green lines in his hair.
They stopped at a dumpster. Well, it was indeed a dumpster. The tall one, Sacha, as Vincent suddenly remembered, peeked in.
“This one’s clean.”
They kept walking. Vincent thought about chocolate chips for some reason.
They came to another dumpster. This one was yellow. Not lemon yellow, the dingy, rusted yellow that can almost be associated with a rotting banana. It kinda smelled like a rotting banana, also.
Sacha peeked into this one, too.
“Eugh. It’s clean, but smells more foul than usual.”
Vincent winced and took a step back. “Glad to hear that this is more foul. I might be able to handle regular foul. This is almost as bad as a fart on a hot day back in Arizona.”
The purple-haired one grinned, and required a paper fan. “Here, this should help.”
Vincent blinked, and required a gas mask, which he crammed the paper fan into. “… Not really.”
They kept walking, checking more empty dumpsters, chatting about gaming, and other nerdy things, while Vincent finally learned their names, when the green haired one – he was Raz – poked the purple haired one – she was Screen – and whispered something at her, and she stopped and turned around nearly causing Vincent to trip over her.
“Why aren’t you a tech? You’re far, far, faaaar too nerdy to be field.”
“I think quick on my feet. And on my ass. And any other position one gets knocked about into whilst in the field. And I can put a bullet through an ace of diamonds from… however far away that lamp post is.”
Screen tapped on a lamp post that she was standing next to.
“Not that one! The far one over there, where that ice cream shop is. Which reminds me, I’m hungry. How many dumpsters have we got left?”
Sacha smirked. “None.”
Vincent cheered. “Yay, ice cream!”