Author’s note: I didn’t look up any of the nerdy references located in this chapter. Okay, I lied, I did hafta check one fact, but I was right about it. No, I’m not telling which one.

Vincent dropped himself on the bed a little harder than he intended. That was okay, though, as the bed was softer than he expected. He decided that he’d require his bed a bit softer once he got back from his holiday. He had talked a bit with Aaron, and apparently, this was one of the warmer, snow-less days. He thought about how difficult it would be to require a flamethrower and torch every single snowflake as they fell. He decided a heavy jacket would suffice.
He blinked. The sun was up. Apparently, he’d fallen asleep somewhere in that train of thought.
“Well, at least the sun is wa-” He was interrupted by a snowstorm dumping three tons of snow on the city, then leaving just as suddenly as it arrived. “-rm. Godsdammit.”
He required his usual suit. Then he remembered that he was on vacation. Then he remembered that it was cold outside. He required a jacket and thick heavy skiing pants. Or at least he’d assumed that’s what they were, he’d never known what they were called. Then he decided he wouldn’t be going outside anytime soon, and required them away.
He took the elevator to the tech floor, and looked around. Man, the tech guys always have all sorts of fun things. He walked up to one of the techs watching TV. “Whatcha watching?”
The tech blinked. “M- My Little Pony.”
“I’d heard it was good. Mind if I join you?” The tech looked somewhere between frightened and confused, but nodded.
Vincent sat down and was instantly absorbed. Not really in the show, but figuring out where the hell he’d heard that purple pony’s voice before. He thought for a bit, then asked the tech after the show was over, “Hey, what do Twilight Sparkle, Rikku (the one from Final Fantasy X, not the Riku from Kingdom Hearts,) Batgirl and Bubbles have in common?”
The tech blinked again. “They’re all voiced by Tara Strong?”
“Well, yes, but the answer I was going for was only one of them could successfully get into an Agency building.”
“Which one?”
“The pony.”
Vincent walked out, chuckling to himself as the tech looked bewildered and amused. He walked to the elevator, and as it opened, Aaron was already there. “Ah, good. I was hoping I wouldn’t hafta look for you.”
“Ditto. I’ve been told to find you, as there’s a paper or two you’ve got to sign about the blackout bomb yesterday.”
“As long as it doesn’t take all week.”
They walked into one of the offices on the Field Agent floor, and Vincent stabbed his name onto some papers, and drew a backscratcher next to his name on one of them.
The rest of the day was uneventful. Vincent mostly just sat around and played video games. He went to bed at the end of the day tired but not exhausted. Due to that state, he had one of the weirdest dreams he’s ever had.