Author’s note: I need to stop opening chapters with punchlines. It’s difficult coming up with author’s notes long enough to make the summary on the front page more than just a single line. Like this one below the note here:

Vincent required a headset as he walked into the cold park in front of the museum.

“… Sorry, wrong number.” He smacked the headset on a tree.
“Recruit? Whatcha need?”
“I need info on a poltergeist.”
“There are no reported poltergeists in the area.”
“Well, I bloody found one. It’s in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. That name is a mouthful. Gimme any info on recent deaths, preferably by exhibit malfunction.”
“Coming right up, Recruit… Vincent? Hey, are you the guy that watched My Little Pony with Sammy yesterday?”
“… Yeah.”
“We’re glad to have you in town. The tech floor is buzzing with rumors about you and you wouldn’t belie-” Vincent required away the headset. He was on vacation, and he had just brought a mission upon himself. The last thing he needed was rumors going around. Especially if those rumors got back to Arizona before he did. He looked around. Snow. Well, at least when his head is in the game, he forgets how fucking cold it is. He required a second, then a third jacket, and headed back to the Agency.
Vincent walked into the tech floor’s main office, and there was nobody in there, but right on top of the desk was some paperwork. He took a glance at it, and saw that it was the info he requested. He picked it up and started flipping through it, stopping on a newspaper article with the headline “Museum closed for weekend due to tragic accident.” He looked at the date. Two weeks ago. He read through the article, and found exactly what he was looking for. “One man, Thomas Phelps, was killed today when an animatronic velociraptor fell three stories and impaled him.”
Vincent winced. “I didn’t realize that newspapers were getting so… graphic.”
“Yeah, sometimes it’s all I can do to keep from retching when reading some of the crap in the paper.”
Vincent turned around. There was a tech agent walking toward what was obviously his desk.
“My name’s Alexander. No, I’m not that Great, but I appreciate compliments,” the tech said as he sat down.
Vincent stifled a chuckle. “I’m Vincent. I-”
“You’re on vacation. And yet you hunted up a mission for yourself. I admire your work ethic.”
“Meh. It’s better than staring at snow all day. I can’t think of anything I hate more than traipsing through snow.”
“A Solstice throwing snowballs at you?”
“Okay, you’re right, I think that’d top the list. But still, I really don’t like the cold here.”
“You’ll just have to learn to deal with it, especially if you want to finish this investigation.”
“I’ll try my best, then… What have you got on Thomas Phelps?”
“Maintenance and construction for the Museum. A wife, kids aged 20 and 17, both male.”
“Where do they live?”
“Way the hell up in the mountains. Three times as much snow as here in the city.”
“You’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you?”
“I certainly am. You want to drive up there yourself?”
“Hell no. I’ll take a helicopter, though.”
“Ha. Nice try, but no. I’ll see if Aaron can drive you. You two seem to get along pretty well.”
“I like him. He’s like me, but sane.”
“And better suited to cold weather, too. Let me know how it goes.”
“Sure thing. And let Sammy know I’ll be joining him again later today.”