Vincent peeked out the elevator door. The hallway was empty. He took a few cautious but casual steps into the hallway, and hesitated.
“Are you sure this is a sound plan?”
Of course it is. You might want to dodge her, though.
A short girl with an air of aggression and superiority was walking in his direction. She had hair so white it reminded him of Colorado again with black feathers for some reason and was wearing an alarmingly seductive dress. She hadn’t heard him talking, though. He froze in place, and once she got close enough, she stopped and looked him over, even more scrutinously than he had done to Curt a few minutes ago.
“Umm. Hi. I’m Vincent.”
“Don’t care, tourist.”
“I’m not a tourist, I’m a… whatever the term is for someone who’s here to learn how you Aussies do things to improve my own abilities.”
“I think the term is ‘stupid foreigner.'”
Hey, it wasn’t me that called you ‘stupid’ that time.
Vincent noticed that she was still staring at him. “Hey, umm… Why are you still staring at me?”
“I’m bored. Follow.”
“Where would I be following you to?”
“How stupid are you?”
“Fairly stupid.” BWAHAHA! “The insanity makes up the difference for putting up an air of intellect.”
“I’m going to go into that room and fuck someone. It could be you.”
“I could turn that into a pun, but I get the feeling that’d lower the chances of getting fucked, and raise the chances of getting fucked. … That made sense in my head.” No it didn’t.
She glared at Vincent, then turned and walked into the room she pointed at earlier, quietly closing the door behind her.
“Well, that went well. Much better than ‘Nice tits, wanna fuck?’ would have.”
He looked down at his own chest, chuckling at how nobody would ever use that line on him. He heard a loud cough from behind the door.
“Oh, right. Walls aren’t soundproof. I don’t know the protocol, do I just walk in, or do I hafta knock first?”
The door opened suddenly, and a soft hand with long, painted fingernails shot from it, grabbed Vincent by the tie, and pulled him inside.