Aaron tapped on his watch. Vincent coughed. Mrs. Phelps quietly sighed.
They had been sitting in the empty museum for over an hour. Thomas never showed up.
“Aaron, are we in a blackout zone? Hell, do blackout zones affect ghosts?”
“No, ghosts aren’t affected by blackouts. And no, we’re not in a blackout zone.”

Vincent coughed again. Something behind them crashed. Aaron jumped up and required his gun. Vincent jumped up and turned around. Mrs. Phelps ducked.
“Thomas? Is that you? It’s Vincent! I brought you-” He ducked a flying mop bucket. “Hey! That’s no way to treat someone who’s brought you a-” He ducked again, this time the mop. “Hell with this.” He ran toward the direction the objects were coming from, swinging a freshly required pole around.
“Ha. You think that’s going to affect me?” The voice did not belong to Thomas.
“You’re not Thomas.”
“I don’t even know a Thomas. Now fuck off!” A chair was dropped, but Vincent rolled out of the way.
“Aaron! The fuck’s going on here? There’s another ghost!”
“Another one? You mean this isn’t the one we’re looking for?”
“No, it’s not! This one’s even more pissed off!”
“How can you tell?”
Aaron was knocked over by a sign with upcoming events.
“Thomas likes throwing smaller things.”
“Good to know. I’m gonna just sit here for a second until the room stops spinning.”
“You do that. I’ve got a ghost to bust. Require: Proton pack. …Didn’t work. Not surprised.”
Vincent worked his way around the museum, looking around for… well, anything. He found a body at the bottom of an escalator. He thought about requiring a stick. No, bad idea. The room rumbled.
The room got eerily silent.
“Hey, Aaron, I think I found the problem.”
“Really, now? What is it?”
“It’s a corpse. Been here a few hours longer than we have, I’d say.”
“That does explain a lot. Do you know how he died?”
“Fell off an escalator.”
“That had to suck.”
“You think we should get Mrs. Phelps the hell out of here?”
“That’d be a good idea. I think she’s passed out over by where we came in.”
“Good, shift her home, get some backup, then come back.”
“You seriously think you can handle this alone?”
“I’m not alone. I’ve got my insanity.”
“You hear voices in your head?”
“Maybe. But if I told you, it’d ruin the illusion that I might actually know what the hell I’m doing. Now get going!”
Vincent turned back toward the corpse, and hoped he wouldn’t piss off this guy’s ghost too much.