Require: Cookie, Book #1

Urban fantasy for geeks.

A magical thing happened to Stef Mimosa when she was only two: she died and an angel confronted Death to bring her back–or at least that’s how she remembers it.
Years later, Stef has traded magic for science, working as a freelance hacker. When a simple coding job turns out to be more than she expected, Stef gets in over her head in more ways than one and gets to meet her angel again.
As it turns out, her angel is really Ryan: an operative for an organization known only as the Agency. Their second meeting recruits Stef into his world, where bleeding-edge science is indistinguishable from magic and where she might just be farther out of her element than she already was in normal life!
Science fiction collides with Urban Fantasy in the first installment of the Require: Cookie novel series, Mirrorfall.

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Next in Series: Mirrorheart

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  • Amy H says:

    I started reading this way back when you were on wibbleypress.net and you paused for a bit and the site went down. Today, I decided to google around and found you (from a link from a link). I’m so glad you kept writing and to have found you again. Time to buy all the books!

    • Stormy says:

      Hey! Welcome back. ^_^ The new versions are a little different to what you may remember from the old WibblyPress.net versions – and the interface is a little friendlier. 🙂
      Be sure you sign up to the newsletter, as I’m going to be releasing some flash fic there well ahead of releasing it here. ^_^

  • Lightdefender says:

    How difficult would it be to make the ebooks available on Google Play?

  • Lightdefender says:

    I would! I didn’t think they were because I didn’t see it listed in the links above, and didn’t go searching further. Just bought both of those–I’ve not read Mirrorfell yet–and I’ll probably pick up the rest eventually.
    There’s a survey app I use that gives me Google Play credit for answering short surveys, and I had accumulated about $35 over the past three years or so and never spent any of it. Yesterday I followed your recommendation on WebFictionGuide to Scary Mary and used some of it to buy all four of that series. So I thought I’d see if your work was available there as well.
    (For some reason I can’t reply directly to your comment above.)

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