Vincent looked up to see Aaron staring at him.
“… the hell happened?”
“We’re still not sure.”
“What time is it?”
“About 4 hours after you went silent.”
“Right. I’m in the infirmary?”
“Yep. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with you at all. No bumps on the head, no toxins in your system, not a damn thing.”
“I never do anything normal, why should I start now?”
“Because maybe then we’d know where Thomas is, or how to avoid this happening again, or any number of things that happened while you were out.”
“I guess that makes sense. Are we good to go?”
“Yeah, just let Agent Colin check you over really quick, and we’ll go find something to do for the rest of the day.”
“Agent Colin? I’m sure he’s the butt of many jokes.”
Agent Colin walked over. “I once lost a leg to an experimental treatment, and they called me ‘Semi-Colin’ before it was repaired. If you can come up with any jokes about my name that I haven’t heard, I’ll be amazed. And probably laughing my ass off.”
Aaron rolled his eyes. Vincent filed away the challenge in his “things to do” section of brain.
“All right, then, you’re free to go. If it happens again, make sure to take some notes before you lose consciousness.”
“I’ll try, but my handwriting gets really bad when I go over 400 words per second.”
Vincent watched Aaron firmly plant his face into his palm.
“Thanks, Agent Snakebite. Nice meeting you, despite the circumstances.”
“You’re welcome. You have no idea how often I hear that.”
When they got to the elevator, Aaron punched the button for the Tech floor.
“Agent Snakebite?”
“Yeah, snakes have only two fangs, so the mark they leave is a…”
“Okay, I get it.”
The elevator opened, and a tech that Vincent recognised as Sammy was standing there.
“Hey, Vincent. I’ve got some trivia for you this time. What do Mario and Captain Hook’s right hand man have in common?”
“That’s a trick question. Unless you’re talking about the Disney Hook, Captain James Hook doesn’t have a right hand. But supposing that you just worded that poorly, they’re both played by Bob Hoskins.”
Sammy just stood there, with his mouth open.
“Well, I’m going to bed, despite having a pretty effective nap just a bit ago. See ya, Sammy.”