Vincent woke up to Magnolia dumping him out of his bed.
“Jesus, you’re a heavy sleeper. Put some clothes on, we’re going for breakfast.”
Vincent took a moment to clear the fog of sleep from his eyes, then looked at Magnolia, who once again, looked more than stunning.
“And put that boner away.”
“Clearly you’ve never had morning wood.”
Vincent required his uniform, loosened his tie just slightly, and followed Magnolia out to the lobby.
“So, breakfast. I’m gonna get this out of the way right off because you confuse me. Are you dragging me on a date?”
“No. You’re just taking me to breakfast, because I am hungry, and I don’t feel like going alone.”
“Okay. Because you just seem like the person to prefer to have just have fuck buddies rather than go out on dates.”
“I’ll have you know, I do go out on dates. Just not with people I only have interest in fucking.”
“So, to you, it’d feel like taking a dildo out to the movies.”
“Pretty much.”
The rest of the walk was mostly silent, with Vincent almost not watching where he was going, and Magnolia occasionally giving Vincent a “Keep your smartass mouth shut” glare. They arrived at a very fancy-looking place. Vincent could feel the presence of fae, but kept his mouth shut. They were seated, and Magnolia stared out the window.
“Whatcha looking at?”
“Nothing. I’m thinking.”
“The obvious question here is ‘thinking about what?’ but with you, it might be classified information, so I will ask instead if it’s something you don’t mind me hearing.”
“Nothing you need to worry about.”
“Is there anything I should worry about?”
“Nothing that I know about.”
“Eh, good enough.”
Vincent let his mind wander for a bit before their food was brought out. Magnolia had ordered… something incredibly fruity. Vincent had ordered pancakes with blueberries. The food vanished relatively quickly, and Vincent somehow managed not to get any of it on his uniform.
“Now what?”
“Now, we go home, and possibly fuck once or twice before getting on with our jobs.”
“Dear Fate, what did I do to be allowed the presence of Magnolia?”
“You’re doing that thing where you should be shutting the fuck up instead.”
“Shutting up.”
“Good boy.”
Vincent silently counted to ten, then slowly opened his mouth again.
“This is a nice place. I need to remember to come here again.”
“I’m sure you’ll get a chance to come this way again.”
I just got a really strong urge to add “Dun dun duuuuuun.”
“I hope it’s not because of a horrible, horrible mission wherein someone gets assassinated or something.”
Magnolia glared at him.
“Don’t be stupid. I just plan on dragging you here a few more times before we kick your ass out of Australia.”
“Oh, good. Um, don’t kick my ass too hard. I tend to land on my ass too often.”