I don’t think I’m the net. There’s no pretty shiny colours. I don’t think I’m in a coma. I shouldn’t be this lucid if I were in a coma.
…that presumes that this is lucidity, and you’re not hallucinating that you’re lucid.
Really? Really? You had to say that?! Not like I’m freaking out enough here already, now you make me wonder if I’m even here, even thinking these thoughts, even…
Everything is just theoretical, I had to bring it up.
That’s it, you’re fired.
Fine. I’m sorry.
Good. *pout*
Trust you to think with asterisks.
Everything aside…that really only leaves the last theory. The…the “D” word theory.
Dead. Just say dead. Come on, just accept it, that’s one of the steps remember?
Good girl.
But what if…I don’t want to be dead?
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