Vincent punched the air. He didn’t like dreaming, because even despite being a recruit, his dreams were far more awesome than reality was. Assuming this was reality. Eh, it’s good enough.
He did his morning routine, then walked to the elevator, letting loose a yawn that refused to back down.
The doors opened, and Vincent blinked. “Jonathan?”
“No, my name is Sammy.”
Vincent blinked again and rubbed his eyes. It was Sammy. Why the hell did he see Jonathan? “…Sorry, still half asleep. What’s on the agenda today?”
“Not a damn thing, you’re on vacation. Meanwhile, those of us that are NOT on vacation are just going to be dealing with the usual grind.”
“Which is…?”
“Usually somewhere around the Twilight Highlands.”
“… what.”
“You know nearly every single one of Tara Strong’s roles, but you don’t know WoW?”
“Nope. I had the vaccine before the epidemic.”
“Oh, and Jabba the Hutt was more of a badass than anyone in the Prequels (With the exception of Bad Mother Fucker Mace Windu)”
“Okay, that I agree on. We will corrupt you, one day.”
“Don’t bet on it. Aside from WoW, what have you got up here?”
“You name it.”
“Mother 2.”
“… Wait. I know this one… Umm… That’s the game that Ness is from!”
“Yep. Now, have you got it?”
“I think so, but I guess you’d hafta ask Alexander. He’s the expert on pre-2000 gaming.”
“He’s the Agent in charge of this Tech department, right?”
“Okay, he’s cool, but he seems to enjoy schadenfreude a bit too much.”
“He was amused by me hating snow, so he sent me out in the snow.”
“Oh. Yeah. Don’t let him talk you into playing Pac-Man 2, then.”
“Oh, gods, I hoped I’d never hear that name again. You can be assured that I won’t be playing Pac-Man 2.”
“I feel your pain. See ya! Let me know if you ever feel like WoWing.”
Vincent rolled his eyes, and knocked on the door to Alexander’s office. The door lock clicked, and he heard Alexander say something, but it wasn’t really directed at the door. He opened the door, and found Alexander playing a game. An old game. A game that Vincent was addicted to.
“Stonehenge? I could clear that in minutes flat!”
Alex looked at Vincent.
“Yeah, I decided to grind for the Sword of Kings this time.”
“A worthy challenge. I once had a game that had both the Sword and the Gaia Beam. They were on two separate save files, though. I remember I gave up after about five hours of grinding for the sword, and the very next fight I got in after leaving Stonehenge… BAM, Broken Antenna.”
“Wow. That’s a helluva story. Anyway, what’d you need?”
“Exactly that.” He pointed to the screen. “I was talking to Sammy, and I mentioned it, then I thought, why not? I’ve got nothing else to do until later.”
“About that… How did you manage to calm down TWO poltergeists?”
“I have a very aggressive sense of humor.”
“That doesn’t make any sense at all.”
“I see. I think. You’re a strange Recruit, Vincent.”
“That’s probably why Jonathan keeps me around. Arizona is pretty boring. Solstice can’t take the heat, minimal Fae bother to put up with the vast wasteland, and while there are a fair amount of ghosts, they are all notably docile.”
“So, if you’re the only interesting thing there, why would he send you here for a week?”
“… You know what? I don’t know.”