Vincent and Stef had been walking for quite a while. Neither of them had said anything, because Vincent was lost, not only in location, but in thought, and Stef apparently didn’t have anything to say. She did, however, require a cookie, and start nibbling at it.
“I prefer Snickerdoodles. Chocolate chip just seems too cliché sometimes.”
Stef continued munching on the cookie, merely giving Vincent a confused and awkward look.
A few more moments of silence, this time totally awkward. Vincent decided to break the silence before he did something so stupid he’d regret it.
“C is for Cookie and th-”
Stef stopped in her tracks.
“You win.”
“You win. I concede. You’ve out-crazy’d me.”
“But you’ll never beat me in a staring contest.”
“I guess we’re even, then.”
Vincent heard a screech and everything went black.
Vincent opened his eyes, and tried to require a baseball bat. Nothing. Okay, he’s in a blackout zone. He stood up, and saw a… harpy? attacking Stef. He ran over and tackled the fae, hearing nothing but Stef making frightened noises, and the fae he’d just tackled screeching in annoyance. Two more were swooping down, and Vincent took his jacket off and swung it around, hoping to either bat away the winged creatures or at least draw their attention away, and let them chase him back into system territory.
By now, there were at least three human-sized birds dive-bombing Vincent and Stef, and several normal sized birds joining in. Vincent was flailing his jacket around like a cudgel, while Stef was trying to hide under a car that just didn’t have enough room for her.
“Stef, is there anything around I can use that’s more solid than my jacket?”
“I don’t see anything.”
“Can you use your agent super strength to yank some metal part out from under that car that I can use?”
“Won’t it be too heavy for you?”
“If it is, you can just yank out something lighter. Even so, I’m on an adrenaline high right now, so I might be able to heft it anyway.”
Stef reached under the car and grabbed the first chunk of metal that she could wrap her hand around, yanked it out, and handed it to Vincent, who proceeded to take a wild swing at one of the smaller birds, resisting an urge to shout “home run!”
“What happened?”
“I sliced my hand on something when I was pulling that chunk of metal out.”
“Take my jacket. It’s got plenty of bloodstains already. Fucking birds have claws. That also explains why this chunk of piping or whatever is so slippery.”
After a few minutes of dive-bombs, birds screeching, and Vincent swearing, the birds started to retreat, and Vincent chased off after them, swearing even louder. He took another swing, but the blood on his hands made him lose his grip, and the chunk of metal went flying, smashing into the wing of one of the larger birds. Vincent heard Stef yell something, then decided he’d better check on Stef. Agent or not, she seemed… like a clumsy little sister.
He ran back, only to see Magnolia standing on Stef, who was fighting back, but not doing a very good job of it. Magnolia leaned down and Vincent saw a knife, and suddenly…
Okay, that’s kinda gross.
Magnolia looked at Vincent after he yelled, and went back to wrestling with Stef, who was fighting surprisingly well, despite having her chest sliced open. Somehow, the knife was knocked away, and Vincent still wasn’t close enough to do anything. Curt, however, came out of nowhere, and tackled Magnolia to the ground.
“Curt? The fuck did you come from?”
Curt didn’t respond, instead focusing on restraining Magnolia. Vincent ran to Stef, and swore loudly again. She was a mess. Well, her chest was. Vincent fought an urge to vomit, and took his bloodstained jacket, Stef’s very bloodstained jacket, and put as much pressure on the area over her heart as he possibly could. He started muttering, and Stef, still conscious, but a little incoherent, did nothing but stare.
“Ugh, how much longer is the blackout? We need to get you back home, but I don’t think we can move you.”
Stef mumbled something, then her breathing slowed, and her eyes rolled back into her head.
“Oh, fuck. Fucking fuckity shit balls fuck.”
Curt was now sitting on a restrained Magnolia, who wasn’t particularly fighting back. Curt looked at Vincent and Stef.
“What’s going on?”
“Fuck. I think she might be dead… I can’t feel her hea-”
Vincent was cut off by the slight nausea induced by a shift.