Vincent found himself staring at a wall. He was sure there was something about the wall that was supposed to be important to him. Just… What the hell was it?
“I’m onto you, wall. I will know your secrets. I know you’re listening. I’m made of balls of steel.”
“You’re fucking weird, is what you are.”
Vincent turned around, much like a villain who knew the hero was coming.
“And that, my dear Aaron, is why the Agency picked me up.”
“No, I’m pretty sure it’s the fact that you’re not weirded out by anything. Actually, you probably out-weird everything.”
“No, I saw a Fae contortionist that reproduced the normal way. By itself.”
“I did not need that mental image.”
“Neither did I, but I’ve put my point across.”
“Yeah, whatever. Look, Alexander wants to see you. Says he’s got something that you should take a look at.”
“I’m there.”
A short walk later, Vincent was in the tech lounge. It was suspiciously quiet.
“If you’ve got Pac-Man 2 going, I’m going to feed you to a- Holyshit. A Discs of Tron arcade machine.”
Alexander chuckled. “Well, if that made your jaw drop, I’d suggest you brace yourself.” He handed Vincent a small wooden box, that looked like it hadn’t seen the light of day for centuries. Vincent gulped.
“There are very few things this could be, and if it’s any one of them, I’m going to shit a brick.”
He opened the box. There was a very small metal stick, with three jewels inside.
“What the…?”
“It’s actually a key. The door is this way.”
Alexander led Vincent to a door. The door was very decorative. Looked a little bit like a rising sun, or part of the the Japanese Flag of the Rising Sun. Alexander stuck the key in the exact center of the door.
“Why a key? A musical code would be more appropriate.”
“True, but the key’s just more efficient.”
The door opened, leading to a somewhat dark room, lit by only a window. The roof seemed to go upwards forever. There was a slight dias, and on that was a little pedestal, and sticking out of the pedestal…
“No way. No fucking way. That’s…”
He slowly approached the pedestal. Alexander chuckled.
“Yes, you can grab it. It doesn’t leave this room, though.”
Vincent gulped. He grasped the handle, and slowly lifted the Master Sword from the pedestal it was protruding from, and lifted it high above his head.