Vincent dry heaved, collapsing onto the floor of the infirmary.  It was almost as bad as the failed shift.  He rolled over and just relaxed on the floor for a moment, before being lifted to a bed.  He looked at Agent Parker, who looked a little annoyed, but far more focused on working than any annoyance could affect.
“Agent Mimosa is stable, now.  You and Recruit O’Connor are scratched up, but otherwise fine… Oh, and there’s a really big piece of glass sticking out of your bum. I thought I’d seen all the kinks around here.”
“First, I’m not from around here. Second, good joke, but I don’t swing that way, and third, which is actually relevant… I think the failed shift may have made my motion sickness from regular shifting even worse.”
“Talk to Jones later, I want you to stop bloodying up my infirmary.”
“Isn’t that what it’s there for?  Would you rather I bloody up the elevator?  No, that’s too…  The Shining.”
“Pants off, and don’t make me get the ball gag.”
“Not sure if creepy or…”
Parker required a ball gag, and Vincent shut up and turned around, requiring his pants off.
“All right, there’s the glass removed, and the wound sealed.”
“Thank you, doctor. Is there anything else, or may I have a rest?”
“No, nothing else.”
“You don’t want to stare at my ass a little longer?”
There was a moment where Vincent wasn’t sure if his ass was being stared at, or Parker was just considering the offer.
“… I still have the ball gag, and I do need some organs to experiment with.”
“Fine, I’ll shut up.”
“Oh, you’re no fun.”
“I’m plenty of fun.  Just not when sharp objects are aimed at me. Like that huge chunk of glass that you pulled out of my butt.”
Parker glanced at the piece of glass on the nearby tray and appeared to make a mental note.
“Anyway, you’re good to go now, unless you’d like to lie down for a moment. Then, you’re headed to Ryan’s office. An incident like this requires a few questions.”
“Of course. I’m just glad we all got out okay.”
“Yeah. And remember to see Jones so he can experiment with your motion sickness.”
“I will. Just don’t turn off my ability to require a sick bag.”
Agent Parker chuckled and left, leaving Vincent to decide whether he wanted to rest for a moment, or head straight to Ryan’s office. He saw a shadow moving just past his bed, and stood up, only to be grabbed by Magnolia, and slammed into the wall, her hand tightly wrapped around his still-exposed junk, and a knife in the other.
“Well, hello to you, too, hot stuff.”
“Shut up. Look, I’m in a lot of shit right now, both with the Agency, and with the Magpies. So, I need you to not have a bad memory, got it? Or you can not have any testicles.”
“Right. You told me that Magpies fucked with your brain, right?”
“So, now that we’ve established that I’m on your side, are you gonna give me a hand job, since you haven’t let go yet?”
The next thing he knew, there was a sharp pain as his testicles were suddenly squeezed, and she pulled him, by his nuts, into a kiss.
After a moment, Vincent got his very confused senses back, and he looked at Magnolia.
“I think I like this better than being told to shut up.”
“Shut up, idiot. I’ll see you in Ryan’s office, and if I’m lucky, in my room right after.”