Vincent coughed. He was annoyed at himself for coughing. Maybe the snow muffled it enough. He was face down in the snow. It was the last place he wanted to be, but it was the best place to be, since he was in a fairly clear area on the side of a snow-covered mountain. He burrowed a bit deeper into the snow, throwing it on top of himself, and being glad he had required a really thick jacket before being caught here. He needed a distraction. A big one. He poked his head up, and looked around. Snow. More snow. Even more snow. He had an idea.
Vincent smirked.
Three hours earlier…
“Seriously? Snowboarding? All the things to do around here, and you think I’ll enjoy snowboarding?”
Aaron rolled his eyes. Again. “Yes. It’s fast, exhilarating, and on a sunny day, not that cold.”
“If the snow isn’t instantly evaporating, ‘not that cold’ is still a matter of opinion.”
“Oh, quit bitching until you’ve tried it.”
“If I didn’t bitch, our conversations would be quite boring indeed.”
“That’s a lie and you know it.”
“Okay, I’ll give you that one, but I still like bitching, and people are amused by it. Seriously? Is that road really called ‘Wagon Trail?'”
They continued the drive up the mountain, and Vincent continued bitching. Once they arrived, Vincent required a pair of sunglasses.
“You were right about it being warm, due to the reflected sunlight. You forgot to mention that it’s also stupidly blinding.”
“Yeah, I did forget that. That’s an easy fix, though.”
“An easy fix, and a reason to look like a badass.”
“You know, some people can pull that off without the sunglasses.”
“And others look like a schlub no matter what. Let’s get to snowboarding before I change my mind and require something to thaw out this whole state.”
A few minutes later Vincent and Aaron were sliding down the side of the mountain at a far faster speed than most beginners go. Vincent was enjoying himself, despite all the snow. It was fun. Almost like sliding down Camelback Mountain that one time, only less dirty, and no boulder-flinging fae chasing him.
“You know, I could get used to this.”
Aaron nodded. “Pop in a headset. You should probably pay attention.”
Vincent required a headset, and they found a nice, out of the way place to stop.
“… and it looks like he’s headed for The Spire.”
Aaron winced. “Dammit! There’s this really good cafe there…”
“Aaron. I don’t think we have time to worry about a hob in the city right now.”
“Why the hell not?”
“I hate to be cliche, but…” He pointed up the mountain. Or at least at the huge wall of snow that was headed down the mountain.
“That’s a good reason. Let’s haul ass outta here!”
Vincent was already zooming down the mountain. There was a fairly nice view of Denver from here, but he didn’t have time to enjoy it. He glanced behind him, to see where Aaron went. No Aaron. He looked forward again and hit a slight bump, sending him airborne, and ending up a pile of annoyed recruit.
He took a deep breath, and required an umbrella.
Two and a half hours later…
He couldn’t believe the umbrella worked. It created a rather nice pocket while the snow went right over him. It took him a bit to dig himself out, even with all the tools he required. He wanted a flamethrower, but not only was there no room for it, but he wasn’t a fan of drowning, either. Still, he was topside again, and in one piece. He poked his headset, shaking the last bit of snow out of his ear. “Aaron? Where the eight fucks are you?”
“I’m not sure. On the mountain somewhere. Helping dig people out of the snow. Turns out the avalanche was fae triggered.”
“Son of a bitch. And the hob in the city?”
“Not sure. Last I heard he was dry-humping The Spire.”
“Ballbags. All right. I’ma start looking around, then.”
“Looking for what?”
“A stone to kill two birds with.”
He started walking downhill. It was rather similar to hiking the desert in Arizona, and he required a bottle of water to sip at. He rolled the situations in his mind, and ended up slipping and landing on his head.
He blinked.
He coughed into the snow. He had an idea. He smirked. He turned up the volume on his headset. He didn’t want to miss this.
He grabbed a handful of snow and made a requirement.