“The hob seems to be distr- what the…?”
“The hell is that?”
“Did the mountain just…?”

Vincent started laughing. It worked. It had worked brilliantly. A moment later, he heard the familiar voice of Andrew talking.
“Okay, we’ve got the hob restrained, thanks to… whatever the hell just happened. I’ll be shifting people to investigate in a few moments.”
Vincent collapsed into the snow. He was tired, cold, and more than a little beat up from that crash. He closed his eyes and tried to focus, but just fell asleep.
It was nice and warm. He blinked a few times, and saw the familiar landscape of wasteland and cactus that was Phoenix. He sat up and looked around. Bright sunlight, warm atmosphere, someone poking him in the rib… wait, what?
Wake the fuck up, stupid!
Vincent blinked. He was in an Agency. He was in the medical centre. He was not naked. He was alone. He was confused.
Don’t just do something, sit there.
Agent Colin poked his head in. “Have a nice nap?”
“Nap? Did anyone get the number of that avalanche?”
“Yeah. The fae that started it is being questioned. It’s looking to be more like an accident. Shit happens, you know.”
“Boy, do I know.”
“We’re still trying to figure out how the entire mountain range turned bright neon pink. I, personally, am trying to figure out how it managed to help in not only capturing the fae that started the avalanche, but the hob in the city that was causing a ruckus, and somehow, it also helped in digging out the people that got caught in the avalanche.”
“Huh. How about that? Whole thing turned pink. Someone would need to be pretty crazy to do that.”
More than just a little, Vince, buddy.
“Shut up, you.”
Colin tilted his head a bit. “I didn’t say anything.”
“Oh, I was just telling my ears to stop ringing.”
“Right. And did they?”
Ha. No.
“Sure did.”
“Well, now that you’re awake, and appear to be functioning normally, you’re free to be questioned by Andrew.”
“I didn’t think it’d be a walk in the park. Do I need an-”
Andrew’s office appeared.
Vincent burped.
“I’d appreciate a little warning before you do that. I get a little motion sick if I don’t close my eyes.”
“Sorry. Anyway, I just have a few questions about-”
“Yes, I turned the snow pink. No, I didn’t think before I acted. Yes, I am still a bit tired. And no, I didn’t see anything other than the pink snow. Which I caused deliberately.”
“… That’s all I wanted to know. You saved the lives of a lot of people, just by… whatever the hell it was that made you think to turn the entire mountain range pink.”
Just the voice in my head, sir!
“I’m just more than a little insane, sir.”
“I can tell. I hope you had a nice vacation, because you’re going home tomorrow.”
“Wow. It’s been a week already?”
“Sure has. I hope Phoenix is glad to have you back.”
“I’ll be glad to be back home, but as much as you people tolerate snow, I’d love to come back to Denver again. Preferably when it’s warm.”
“We’ll be glad to have you. Have a good day, Recruit.”