Vincent stared at the wall, listening intently.
You stare at the wall a lot. What have you got against walls?
“Shut up. Were you asleep when I turned on the monitoring equipment?”
Vincent looked down to the tablet on his lap. All the readings pointed to Magnolia just resting at the moment. Apparently she had just had a tiring workout.
You mean a good fucking.
“That, too. Wait, you mean I can think at you instead of talking out loud?”
Apparently. But it’s funnier when you yell at me. Besides, you talking to me that way will probably be retconned, anyway.
“Retconned? Why would anybody retcon telepathy? That’d be stupid.”
Beats me. Let’s just stick to the talking out loud thing.
“Because people don’t question my sanity enough…”
Vincent dismissed the tablet and earpiece, then stood up and walked to the door to his room, requiring it unlocked.
“Might as well say this now: you amuse me, Voice-in-my-head, so that’s pretty much the only reason I even talk to you.”
I know. I could say the same.
Vincent opened the door, and walked to the elevator, poked the combat floor button, and walked to Magnolia’s room. He hesitated, muttered a curse, then raised his hand to knock. He tapped on the door with his foot.
“Come in, Vincent.”
Vincent opened the door.
“I- how… you…?”
“I heard you muttering. What do you want?”
“Just wanted to say hi, and ask if you were headed out anytime soon.”
“No, I’m just going to the gym to beat the shit out of something.”
“Okay. I’ve got nothing on my agenda right now-”
“Obviously, or you wouldn’t be here annoying me.”
“-so, do you mind if I join you?”
“Feel free, but just so you know, you will be one of the things I will be beating the shit out of if you do.”
“It’s worth it to witness your skill.”
“Flattery is a useless tactic.”
“I’m not using it as a tactic, I’m using it as a reason for you not to kill me later.”
— Later… —
Vincent dodged to the left.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly where Magnolia wanted him, and he took a solid kick in the side, knocking the wind out of him and throwing him to the floor.
“Not bad, but you really need to be less defencive.  All I did was force you into a position where you’d not be ready for me.”
“Here, have some water, then take a deep breath.”
Vincent sipped at the water, then breathed, counting to six as he did so.
“Well, you did say you were going to kick the shit out of me.”
“I did.  Now that I’ve done that, I think I’d like to schedule regular training with you.”
“That’d be nice.  I’d hate to think that everyone here can kick my ass.”
“I’ll bet even Mimosa could kick your ass.”
“Why don’t you invite her to the training and find out?”
“She’s coming anyway.  I was going to start sessions with her as a sort of formal apology for… the recent incident.”
“That makes sense.  That way, if it ever happens again, she can actually stall you until we can un-brainwash you or whatever. So, what do we do in the meantime?”
“Well, I suppose I could teach you some useful ways to tie someone up after capture…”
Vincent gulped.
“I don’t suppose you could also teach me how to escape from being tied up, also?”
“Maybe. If you’re good.”
Ooh. Kinky.