Magnolia required gauze. It was standard, first-aid kit gauze.
What the hell did she require gauze for?
She began to wrap it around Vincent’s head, covering his eyes, leaving Vincent wondering what the point of all this was.
“This is going to teach me to-”
“Shut up.”
Vincent rolled his eyes, which he could get away with because they were now covered, although he was sure Magnolia knew he was doing that anyway. He was about to protest, when she gagged him.
“Anyone who is going to tie you up will incapacitate you in more than one way.”
My dear, you already have him by the balls.
“You need to learn how to operate without your eyes.”
Oh, nice articulation there. I’m sure you’ll win awards for ‘most dramatic speech’ for that one.
Vincent felt a hand, Magnolia’s, obviously, from the delicate force of it, push him backwards to the wall. Her hand went to his left wrist, and he felt the softness of her breast.
“Taylor took me into a darkened room for an hour a day, and tried to kill me.”
His left hand was suddenly no longer free to flail about.
Well. I like where this is going. What kind of knot do you think she used?
Vincent swore at the voice in his head, but the gag just muffled him.
His right hand was bound now, with something that wasn’t rope.
Feels like really dry bacon. Sorry, I shouldn’t be making you hungry with a gag in your mouth.
Vincent made a noise in agreement, suddenly remembering that Magnolia was right there.
“Stay still, or you’ll bleed.”
Vincent tensed up, partially to allow Magnolia to cut whatever it was she was going to cut, and partially because that was easier for him to maintain a semi-perfect stillness.
His shirt went missing. It wasn’t a requirement. She’d cut it off him.
“You haven’t started to free yourself yet.”
Oh, is that what we’re supposed to be doing?
What was that, Vincent? I’m too busy trying to get us out of these restraints to give a damn what you’re whining about.
Suddenly, the gag was gone.
“You said not to move!”
“Solstice will tell you not to move, will you listen to them?”
“But you had a knife!”
“So it was a good idea not to move.”
“But you just said-”
“You still can’t use your hands.”
Vincent hesitated.
Just stop arguing. You’re the idiot in this argument.
Vincent said nothing, but his face certainly showed his displeasure at being called an idiot. Again. He decided that Magnolia might be more helpful than the voice in his head.
“Is there a right answer to this?”
Well, so much for that.
“Right. Shutting up.”
The gag was replaced, and… nothing. For at least a minute. He could hear Magnolia moving. Making noise. Wet noises.
She’s getting off to your bare chest.
After another few minutes, he heard a gasp, then wet fingers were brushed over his chest.
“You still aren’t free.”
That’s because I’m busy arguing with an idiot.
He heard her unsheathe her knife, which she did incredibly quietly, but in the current quiet, he could hear it fairly clearly. He tried not to flinch, and succeeded in that he wasn’t sliced open when she cut his pants off.
Dude, get your shit together.
His feet were cuffed now.
Seriously. Hands. Free. Now. Remember she can murder you in a second. She might just be savoring it because you’re too dumb to resist.
His boxers were gone.
Aaaaaaand we’ve lost all coherent thought. I concede defeat to the mini-brain downstairs.
Yep. Already hard. She didn’t waste much time, as he heard her breathe, then suddenly the wonderful sensation of her lips. His body reacted, but didn’t make much progress, as it was very well restrained.
Lips were gone. Vincent made a disappointed noise. Magnolia put a hand to his chest. She apparently had some confidence in his ability to escape.
She’s got you tied to a wall, naked, and why are you thinking about Tetris?
Still tied to the wall, Magnolia is toying with him. Vincent’s not going anywhere for a while.
“You still aren’t free, Vincent.”
With that, she lowered the rack he was tied to, and he made a surprised noise at the sudden fall. He felt her climb over him, his body moving once again on it’s own, barely brushing her skin.
“You are bound by three different types of restraints, you could at least try to get free of one of them. If you fail, you’re-”
Suddenly, he was aware of a pain in his left wrist. Why was that?
Because, stupid ass, I’m getting us out of here.
She placed her hand in the hand trying to escape, and he surrendered to her fingers.
“You’ve tightened those ropes, you know, there’s no wiggle room in them any more. Keep going, and you aren’t going to be able to anything with that hand for a couple of days.”
Double damn. I must have panicked.
The rope was gone, then replaced by one that was slightly looser than the original restraint. Vincent knew he needed to focus.
Yes, focus. That one thing that you’ve failed at anytime there’s something fun to be done.
“Think about what you’re doing, and you might have a chance.”
Yes. He needed a plan. A good plan.
Leave that to me. Just don’t ignore me anymore.
“What was that, Recruit?”
The gag was gone again. He was beginning to hate not talking.
“I thought I was going to get to tie you up.”
“Do you think you could really manage that?”
Are you kidding? It’d be sweet revenge!
“Well, of course, I’m good at-”
The lights dimmed, Magnolia was suddenly clothed again (which somehow made her hotter…) and he was free of his bindings. She gave him a firm, quick peck on the lips.
“Then catch me if you can.”