New strategy.
Ok, big cosmic entity person, death, grim reaper, grin reaper, whoever is rolling the dice, cutting the cake, signing the forms or whatever…can you answer me at least?

Have I got this private headspace so I can make my peace? Make my apologies? Put aside past aggression so I can go on with a clear conscious?
Seems reasonable.
Here goes nothing.
We don’t apologise for a damn thing.
I only ever did what I thought was right. I didn’t hurt anyone. I never did anything bad. Ok, I hacked…
Those were virtually victimless crimes.
I don’t want to apologise. I don’t feel sorry for anything. I… There’s stuff I regret, sure, but I’m not going to fscking cleanse my soul or what the fsck ever, everything I did, I did.
There it is. There I am. I am me, I am my thoughts, I am my actions.
Take me or leave me, this is all you get.
To apologise would mean you would want to change things. That’s a fickle wish. You do what you do, and that’s it.
Death, please, just let me make my peace so I can move on. This is…this is cruel, and I don’t deserve it.
Do I?
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