There’s a voice.
Is that you?
Does it sound like me, Spyder?
And…another voice?
So…I’m not alone here? Oh my-
Shut up. Don’t get excited, you’ve got no idea what’s going on, so just shut up and listen.
But I’m not alone. I’m finally not alone. I have to talk to them.
You’re not alone Spyder. Not while you’ve got me. But you know nothing about what’s going on here, so just trust me. Keep quiet and listen to them.
I want to talk to someone that isn’t you. I just need…some way of communicating with them. Like a mouth, or a body, or headspace-to-headspace IM. Actually, that’s not as dumb…
Yes, yes it is.
Hello? Hello? Hi?
I told you not to.
Why aren’t they answering?
I don’t know. Maybe they aren’t really there. Maybe you aren’t really here.
I’m scared again.
Really scared this time.
It’s really hard to keep quiet in your own head. Brain. Mind. Whatever. I want to listen for the other voice, I want to keep quiet in case…well, in case it wants to hurt me.
And it might just want to hurt me. I hope it doesn’t, but collateral damage and all that, I might just get in the way. Why would it want to hurt me? Why would anyone want to hurt me? I never did nothing to nobody…
That’s a double-negative Spyder.
Are you ever going to give me a fucking break?
Learn2English and I might.
Spyder…there’s one possibility that you haven’t considered.
Shut up. I know what you’re talking about. It’s not that, so shut up.
You’re a brain in a jar, you’re somewhere people shouldn’t be, and you don’t even really know if you’re dead or alive, I think it’s fairly fucking relevant right about now.
Shut. Up. It’s not that. I don’t want that anymore.
It’s pointless to lie to me.
We’re not talking about this anymore.
What if…What if you brought this yourself?
I didn’t wish to die!
I take it back!
Are you listening? I take it back! With a genie you get to use a wish to reverse the other wishes. You learn your lesson, then reset the status quo.
I take it back.
Now let me the hell out of here.
Waiting. Seriously. Let me out of here.
I am totally convinced that this is due to some messed up wish and not because there were really sharp shards of magic glass flying at my body that can probably rip straight through flesh and leave nothing but mushy red stains behind.
Totally convinced.
I can hear the voice again. It’s brought a friend. How nice, I hope they have a hundred happy fat little echoes.
I have to assume they are voices, since they’re just on the edge of…hearing. It doesn’t sound like echoes of my thoughts.
What the hell does an echo of a thought sound like, genius?
They do sound like voices…like the sounds you hear extras in plays make. Just enough to sound like people.
That doesn’t make them people.
The friend brought a friend. Lovely. And another.
Great, I’m afraid again.
If they’re people, they’re angry people. Sad people. Distraught people. Confused people.
Just like you.
Maybe this is the waiting room for the afterlife?
Suddenly, the curtain of the world is going to be pulled aside and we’re going to be taken out of this sensory dep and into the fluffy white place, or the barbecue place. Gods, I hope they don’t exist.
If they do, please, please, please let me go to limbo. Absolutes annoy the fsck out of me. I can take the murky confusion and foggy miasma, just so long as I can see something.
More voices. More sadness. More confusion.
I wish one of them would talk to me.
I wish…
Stop wishing for things, Spyder, it only leads to badness…