Even in a building filled with angels, heaven on Earth was hard to find.
There were, however, small areas of bliss.
Magnolia sighed happily against the stomach – there was no softer place in the world than on top of the purple-headed tech. The girl’s large belly accommodated her easily, and rose and fell gently as Screen breathed.
‘You’re tense,’ Screen said.
‘Hm,’ Magnolia said, and felt the tech running her fingers through her hair. ‘Been awake too long.’
‘I’m not on shift,’ Screen said, ‘you can just stay there if you want, I’ve got reading to do.’
Magnolia shook her head, and crawled up the tech a little more, white hair brushing against purple as she settled, her head now between the tech’s breasts. ‘Can’t,’ she said, ‘I’ve got stuff to do. Another another report to finish, then training to do with Taylor, I’m off-shift at four, and I might actually get eight hours for once.’
‘Oooh,’ the tech said, sounding unimpressed, ‘a whole eight hours, that’s decadent for you.’
She kissed the side of the closest breast, then pressed her face into the soft flesh. ‘It’s about the one time my fae side does come in handy.’
‘Well, that and squawking when you come, I never get sick of that.’
‘I don’t do that for everyone,’ Magnolia lifted her head and smirked. ‘Haven’t done it for O’Connor yet.’
Screen’s eyebrows raised. ‘You fucked Captain Snarkpants?’
Magnolia pressed her face into Screen’s other breast, burying her face in the soft flesh. ‘Mm-hm.’
Screen gently pulled on one of her braids. ‘Come on, boink and tell.’
She let the tech pull her up by her braid, and moved to lie beside her on the wide bed. ‘He’s as boring as you would think.’ She shrugged. ‘He tries though, and I’ll give him points for that.’
‘And Agent Jane?’ Screen asked.
‘She’s married,’ Magnolia said with a smirk.
‘No, I mean-’
‘She’s here to investigate Ryan. A full audit will follow, of course. You’re fine, scholar, Jones and his people have no reason to worry.’
‘Do you?’
‘I don’t think so. All of our metrics have been on a steady climb this year. And that’s over the leaps from the last couple of years. I’m not worried.’
‘You sure?’
‘If you’re completely sure of anything, then you haven’t looked at the situation closely enough. There are scenarios where the most innocuous of circumstances can turn on you.’
‘So you’re worried?’
‘I’m…cautious,’ Magnolia said. ‘Then again, that’s nothing new.’
Screen leaned forward and kissed her. ‘Is there anything you can do about it?’
‘Not right now.’
‘Then stop thinking about it.’
Magnolia smiled. ‘Make me.’
Screen folded her arms. ‘Challenge accepted.’ The tech slid down the bed. ‘I was in Joxy last week, saw these Tabitha silk gloves, but they were stupidly expensive, so I found a pair online, but they’re on back order, and should be here next week.’
Magnolia groaned happily at the thought as the tech kissed a path down her stomach and across her thighs.
Screen lightly brushed her fingers across the triangle of white hair, and began to move her fingers. The rhythm was sedate, soothing – it wasn’t a tease, and it wasn’t building. Magnolia managed to mumble a query, fighting against the soothing touch.
‘You wanted to relax,’ Screen said, ‘so I’m relaxing you. An old girlfriend of mine used to do this, and I’d just fall asleep with her fingering me.’
Magnolia forced her eyes open. ‘Don’t let me fall asleep.’
‘Do you think I want to risk getting thrown off the rotation? Don’t worry ma’am, I won’t disappoint you.’
Magnolia leaned back on the large pillows, spread her legs wider, allowing the tech easier access to every part of her, closed her eyes, and listened to her breathing, and to the small, wet sounds of the tech’s fingers moving around.
The weight on the bed shifted, and a tongue replaced the fingers. She groaned, and hooked her legs over Screen’s shoulders, imploring her to go deeper. Screen, for her part, didn’t disappoint. There was one special spot that only Screen seemed to be able to get at. Targets for tongues, just as fingers, were obvious – to sink in deep, or to press the button until something happened.
Screen, however, had found a spot just left of her clit that almost seemed to vibrate under the tech’s attentions.
The relaxing rhythm of the fingering was gone, this was a tease, this was a build-up, if only a slow one.
Screen sat up a little, pulling her ass off the bed. The attention stayed where it had been, but this was a silent ask for permission – and she gave her permission by sliding her legs from the tech’s shoulders and sliding onto her stomach once again.
She shivered all the way up from her toes as the tech licked her way up, then squawked as the tech made contact with her asshole.
The squawk was completely voluntary – it had started out as involuntary, but she’d quickly mastered it so that masturbation could be achieved without people hearing from two rooms away and asking if she had the hiccups.
It was also a mark of appreciation – the tech wound her up like few could manage.
The tongue pressed in, and her eyes rolled back into her head.
After a moment of that being a solo sensation, one of Screen’s hands moved back, zeroed in on the little spot left of centre, and quickly brought her, screaming and squawking.
She readily collapsed when the tech released her – the wet spot beneath her on the bed was uncomfortable, but survivable, given how she seemed to have temporarily lost control of her limbs.
Screen kissed her way up her spine, sucked on her neck for a moment, then lay beside her, a very satisfied look on her face. ‘Challenge succeeded?’
Magnolia managed a small affirmative noise, wrapped her arms around the tech, and lay happily in the afterglow until something began to buzz.
‘I thought I turned that off after the first time,’ Screen said, rolling over to reach towards the discarded pile of toys.
‘It’s my phone,’ Magnolia said. ‘Alarm.’
‘You take the shower first then,’ Screen said, disentangling her limbs, and moving to sit up against the pillows.
Magnolia gave a smile of thanks, laid a kiss on the tech’s stomach, then moved into the bathroom.
The water was hot and perfect as soon as she turned on the taps. Sweat,lube and oil washed off with equal ease, the evidence of a very enjoyable hour running down the drain and into the complex and half-magical mystery that was the Agency plumbing.
She stepped out a few minutes later, toweled off her body, and required her hair tidy. Another requirement had covered her body with a new dress. Lace on the bodice, gingham accents, and as usual, weapons, poisons and gems sewn into the lining in case of an emergency.
She crawled back onto the bed, kissed the tech deeply, then left with a quick wave over her shoulder.
She walked past several small groups of techs – a few staring at the screens on the walls, a couple trading reports, other trading cards. She drew a lot of looks – this wasn’t unusual, and she appreciated that a lot of them were reverent, or even fearful.
The attack from the left was entirely anticipated.
She barely saw Merlin as he leapt through a solid wall – something that had to be discouraged, no matter how impressive it was, and hung from her shoulders, his shoes dragging on the floor.
‘Hiii,’ he said after catching his feet enough to stand and give her a hug.
She covered a smile with a stern look. ‘What’s the rule about walls?’
‘No one was looking!’
She did a quick count of the recruits she’d walked past. ‘There’s ten people-’
‘No one was looking,’ he said again.
‘Mer, you can’t-’
‘I made them not look, so that doesn’t break the hugging rule either,’ he said, then rubbed his nose on a far-too-long sleeve.
This was nearly tactical thinking, though the method was less than appreciated. ‘Mer,’ she said as he looped his arms around her right one, ‘you can’t do that either, you do that too much and people will pay attention.’
‘But I’ll make them-‘
‘You know the rules.’
‘You don’t even like mummy’s rules.’
She stopped walking and looked down at the boy. He was fourteen, so far as anyone could figure out, even if he never seemed like it.
He was still thin, even after his time at the Agency – not the emaciated skeleton they’d pulled from a basement, but still like food refused to stick to him, with the hunch, it made him seem a lot shorter than he was, and his attitude shaved at least five years from him. He wasn’t anything like she’d been at fourteen.
He’d very ceremoniously named her big sister, protector of the realm, and future queen, if she wanted to be. He was impossible to refuse, even if he did have sibling irritation down to a fine art.
‘Jones tries to keep you safe, and if you aren’t safe, then-’
Then one of her first missions would have been for nothing. Then she’d only come to the tech floor for sex or reports. Then she’d have one less person who genuinely liked her.
He was suddenly eye level with her, and she quickly looked down, hoping that he wasn’t inexplicably floating again, but relaxed when she saw a step ladder.
He braced his hands on her shoulder, and blew against her forehead. The stressed leaked from her body, even if the tiredness didn’t. She tried to scowl, but couldn’t – he’d fucked with her head, but the net result was a gain.
‘You shouldn’t do that without asking,’ she said, managing a slight frown.
‘I only don’t ask when your head is all asplodey, and it was very splodey.’
She lifted him down from the ladder. ‘You should still ask.’
‘But you feel good now!’
She put his hands on his shoulders. ‘Please ask next time.’
He leaned his head forward. ‘Okies.’ He looked past her, his eyes tracking something – she turned, but saw nothing.
‘Merlin, you okay?’
He shook his head, then walked through the wall.
Magnolia stared after him for a moment, sighed, then headed for Taylor’s office.
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