[Cut for sexytiem].

Magnolia ran a single Tabitha-silk-covered finger up his length, and felt the shiver that passed through his entire body. She took her hand away from him and he groaned, his body moving to follow her. She pressed a gloved hand against his taut stomach and pressed him into the bed, keeping him at bay as she fluttered the fingers of her other hand against his inner thighs.
First night as husband and wife, the perfect time to fuck as though the world was ending.
Her name came from him as a desperate prayer, and she rewarded him, tracing her fingers over the tip of his erection.
His hips bucked up to meet her hand and she smiled at the pure and simple need of the movement. She wrapped her fingers around him, one at a time, curling them into an iron grip, and began to slowly pull him towards release.
His breath came out in jerking breaths, and she smiled at him as their eyes locked. One of his hands locked around the hand pressing on his stomach and pulled it higher. She let him pull her off-balance and splayed over his body, his erection pressing into her middle.
She pressed a kiss to his chest, then moved her hands towards his chest. She teased the silk gloves through the hair on his chest, then moved each glove to touch a tightening nipple.
His hands went to her hips, pulling her against him, his erection straining between them, moving across her middle as he moved, leaving the first hints of wetness as proof of her effect on him. Each of his nipples hardened under the glove’s touch, and she lowered her mouth to each in turn, her free hand tracing down his side. He groaned and begged in ragged gasps, pushing on her body with feeble attempts to turn her attention back to his lower half.
She flicked her tongue across his lips, and shook her head. ‘Sir, no, sir.’
‘Mag-nol-ia,’ he gasped, his hands burying in her hair and pulling her in for a deep kiss.
Again, she shook her head, and slipped from his grip. She tightened her thighs over his sides, and felt him pressed against her. She ran her hands through her hair, the Tabitha silk scraping over her scalp, feeling the tingling sensation of the fabric. She smiled as she twisted her hair into a loose bun, lowered herself more to press herself against him, teasing the loudest moan yet. She moved back a few inches, removing the brief, electric contact and moved the gloves to touch her breasts.
She grinned at him as she let the gloves linger. His face was a confused war zone of shock and lust – he’d never been a very visual person, except for his fascination with her legs. Weeks of slowly introducing him to the idea, though, had shown him the joys of being aroused by watching her play with herself.
She slipped a hand lower, down the curve of her body, and between her legs. He growled, a long, guttural sound. ‘Gods,’ he managed, ‘Magnolia, gods, please.’
She pulled her gloved hand away from herself and slipped down his body, crouching between his legs.
She lowered her face, and dragged her lower lip across the coolness of his skin, then moved again to tease at him with the gloves, and this time, with her mouth.
She touched her tongue to his tip and waited for him to move himself up as he desperately tried to make more contact with her. Her hands fell away from his length, both moving to cup him as she took him into her mouth.
His body snapped stiff as she fondled him with the gloves, and his hands went into her hair to hold her head still.
‘Slowly,’ he said, his body heaving with deep breaths. ‘Magnolia, slowly.’
She squeezed her hands ever so slightly and she felt the impact as he threw his head back against the bed. His hands slipped from her hair as his body yielded to her touch. She moved her hands slowly, his body twisting slightly with each tiny motion of her fingers.
He came with a guttural shout that shook his body, then collapsed gasping.
She moved to lie against his chest, and he wrapped a strong arm around her.
He moved his free hand and down to touch himself, to wipe away the mess, then slowly pulled the gloves from her hands.
‘You are my duty,’ he said.
The words slice into her, and she felt her breath catch. ‘Sir?’
‘You heard me, Magnolia.’
She propped herself up on her elbows and stared down at him. ‘But sir, I’m-’
She saw fear in his eyes. ‘Everything,’ he said.
‘Yours is to me. Mine is to you. Whatever inevitabilities occur, I yield to you first.’
He took his in arms and twisted her beneath him. ‘Don’t argue with me, Magnolia.’
His fingers found her and arguments died on her lips.
He lowered his mouth to each nipple in turn as his fingers teased her, refusing to enter her, forcing her to whimper and push herself against him.
He moved away from her chest and kissed her mouth, a hand moving to cover her eyes. ‘Do you trust me?’
‘I’ve trusted you as long as I’ve known you, sir.’
‘Close your eyes.’
She sank back against the expensive, thick hotel pillows and closed her eyes, her leg widening on impulse, ready for whatever he wanted to do.
His weight shifted as he moved away for a moment. She kept her eyes closed, and felt her heart fluttering in anticipation.
She heard a small rip of plastic, then his fingers found her again, they paused against her as his lips brushing against hers. ‘Do you trust me?’
She kissed him. ‘I trust you, sir.’
His fingers pushed into her, and she felt him slip something into her. Her eyes opened of their own accord as the small object began to buzz. She pushed herself up, arms wrapping around his neck.
‘Sir-’ She forced her eyes open against the pleasure to look at him, and saw the small strip of metal against his forehead.
He kissed her, one hand sliding around her to pull her up onto his lap, the other fondling her breasts with growing expertise as the buzzing increased inside her.
‘It picks up on emotions,’ he said, ‘bio-feedback, stronger emotions, stronger reactions.’
She felt herself teetering on the edge of orgasm, and bit down into his broad shoulder.
‘I don’t worship the gods,’ he said, and she forced herself to concentrate on his voice, ‘nor the Ladies, Wrath doesn’t want to be worshiped.’
She clamped her legs around him, tethering herself to reality, a tiny spark of reality in the fog of pleasure in her body. A hand ran down her body, and slowly joined the small buzzing toy, creating an easy rhythm for her to move against.
‘I think- I worship you,’ he said, his fingers slipping in deeper, the hand around her back pulling her closer. ‘It’s not just the paperwork. It’s not your reliability. It’s everything. You’re everything.’
‘I love you too, sir.’
‘I- Hard. It’s hard. I’m still incomplete. They left out ability and emotions. I cannot be- I was whole. I won’t be whole again. It’s easier with you. You don’t want him. You want me. You didn’t know him, you’re not comparing me to him. I am whole to you.’
He kissed her again, and she came, her body seizing and pressing closer to his.
He withdrew his fingers, and pulled the small buzzer out along with them.
She grabbed his shoulders and repaid his favour, twisting him to the bed beneath her. She straddled him, the nearness of her body teasing him erect again in short order.
He pushed himself into her, and they made love in the soft light of the hotel room.