She shivered against the cold.
She opened her eyes. It was still as dark as it had been.
Her legs had been freed. One tiny advantage. Still naked. Still vulnerable. Still sore.
She twisted onto her side as best as she could and brought her knees up. It wouldn’t hide her, it wouldn’t keep her safe, but it was better than nothing.
She bit her lip.
Gag’s gone!
There was a foul taste in her mouth, and she could feel residue on her chin.
The gag was gone. She could call for help.
Or let them know you’re awake.
You think it’s a them?
You think it’s not? Kidnapping is easier with a friend.
I wish to be out of here! I wish to be home! I wish to be home! I wish to be home!
It’s never worked that way, Spyder, it’s not going to start now.
I want my daddy. I want my gun. I want my padawan!
Rest Spyder, just rest and conserve your strength.