Blue Dust

The real and the impossible have merged, leaving everyone in a nightmare.

Decades ago, an accord was made with a mad god – the Lost would allow him a place to rest, and the Agency would feed him the dreams of every agent for eternity. The price was steep, but it saved the world.
No one considered what would happen if the god died…


  • Nanyque Sirkis says:

    … I can’t believe I’m at the end. Grrr. Moar!

    • Stormy says:

      Congrats on getting to the end! Which was your favourite book?
      And hey, at least I’m better than GRRM! 😛 I’m pretty sure writing all of RC was shorter than one of the breaks between ASOIAF books. 🙂
      But yes, sweet summer child, now comes the wait through the winter of distant content.
      Have you caught up on the MH rewrite? Read RET? Some of the more bizzare fanfics?

  • Nanyque Sirkis says:

    I … wasn’t aware of fanfic. Time to begin digging in the interwebs. Honestly, I loved Oubliette. I’m starting on the newest bits of the rewrite tonight.
    You, dear Stormy, have a talent, and one I hope to continue watching bloom for years!

    • Stormy says:

      As messy as it is, I also do have a real affection for OUB. It was kind of the first book where I felt everything started to work, where characters and situations were set up enough so that there’s lots of fun stuff that can happen in any one scene. (…also because Taylor had toned down from 100% constant dickishness).
      The fanfic can be found in the dropdown categories menu on the front page – it’s been rather messy, but I’ve set out the main “Fanfic” page so that hopefully it makes a degree of sense.
      There’s also a “Glitchworlds” category, where most of the “Stormy/Shade written” stuff will be going into from now on (April Fools specific stuff aside), where we basically get to play “What If?” – the name is based on the DC Comics “Elseworlds” line. ^_^

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