‘It’s quite simple,’ Stef said. ‘Someone has flagged the reviews of the performance as…suspicious.’ She looked down at the slim report. ‘Special effects that are a bit too good, a lead that apparently sprouts wings.’
She held up a hand. ‘Yeah, yeah, theatre effects can be amazing, don’t worry, I already had to listen to Jonesy going on for like…half an age of man and hobbitses about the problems we had when Cirque du Soleil became a thing.’
She tried to smile at the recruit, but idea of sitting through two hours of ballet was already crawling up and down her back – it was weird, it was finally an assignment where something she could do was relevant – a skill and experience that had nothing to do with being an agent…and it happened to be something she hated.
But for a low-impact recon, she was a good choice: she had a good idea of what was achievable by man with smoke and wire; and would be able to judge if a jump was a little too good; with her HUD being able to discern the natures of the players involved.
If it was a fae – or partly fae – production, the likely outcome would be nothing more than a quick chat. Fae using their magic to delight was nothing the Agency intended to quash, so long as it didn’t threaten the masquerade that kept everyone safe.
She dismissed the folder. ‘Get changed, Recruit, it starts in fifteen.’