Don’t worry, I’m not going to be making any jokes about roses – I’ll be too busy flaunting my inability to name stuff.

Names have always, always been my weak point. Which…isn’t such a great thing when you realise serialised books, and have developed the habit of naming each chapter. By book four, I’ve finally been able to cleanly break the habit, which saves me from sitting there for five minutes each chapter going “what the heck do I call you?”. As a consequence, I’ve ended up with a great number of fairly generically-named chapters, and I’m not too happy with some of my book titles either.
Some of my novels and novellas have pretty good titles – there’s the opening three books, Mirrorfall, Mirrheart and Mirrorshades (though I have the strangest feeling that I might not be the first person to use that third title… :P). But for every “Mirrorfall”, I’ve got a “Fragility” or “Legacy”. Well, not for every one, probably more on a 1:10 or 1:100 ratio.
Hell, it took me years (literally years) to settle on calling the series as a whole “Require: Cookie”, as initially it was just all lumped under Mirrorfall, then Mirrorverse, then I played with jamming the word “chronicles” in there, but it finally boiled down to “Require: Cookie” – the conjuring command the protagonist uses multiple times per book to pull cookies out of thin air. It spoke to the…off-centre, nerdy, and moreish nature of the books. Cookies, you can’t stop at one. Require: Cookie, you’ll be up all night reading.
Although I can completely justify it, love it, and it’s had a positive reaction from fans – both old and new – I’ll still get maybe one out every six people who see it and go “lolwut” (or a more eloquent equivalent), and/or think they need to enable browser cookies to view the website.
For Sequence: _Start_, I’m undergoing a similar crisis of creativity, for the moment, it’s the working title, but it’s the best title I have at the moment.
I’ve been told by someone that the title should be l33t haxx0rs – a title I had already considered before it was suggested. However, I had considered and rejected it – it’s a little too glib for my tastes, and l33t is soooo ten years ago.
I’d also like to use a title that can allow for expansions, and I feel like I’m more able to do that with Sequence than l33t – with l33t haxx0rs, I feel like I’d have to use that as the prefix, and add a game name, so something like “l33t haxx0rs: code fight”, or whatever, rather than simply calling it “l33t haxx0rs” and having all sequels/expansions feel like an afterthought.
This might be…anyone one a hundred metaphors about getting too far ahead of myself, but I always like to design, name, or create, with the idea – and hope – that I’ll be able to expand upon a concept in the future. It’s why – as an author – I’m a series writer, even if I do write something that’s relatively stand-alone, it’s always building on the basis of the worldbuilding I’ve done beforehand.
When it comes to Sequence: _Start_,I don’t know what the title will eventually become, or whether I’ll stick with my initial idea, but it’s going to be fun to come back to this thread in six months and see what happened. 🙂
Next steps: continue with playtesting, and start working on the flavour text.