So you want to help Cookie!

By wanting to help out, this already makes you a cool person, please report to Jonesy for a free badge and muffin. ^_^
The first, biggest way you can help us out is by reading – it’s kind of what we’re here for, after all. Read the series, read the fic, read the forums and make RC a part of your day/week/month.
I might be, like, actually addicted to comments. >_> Seriously, comments make my day, and I try to respond to each one (sometimes this takes a couple of days, depending on what’s happening in meatspace), but even if I happen to miss one, you can guarantee that I’ve read it (likely multiple times).
…and depending on the content of the comment, my response may be several hundred words.
I love feedback, whether it be good or bad – I want to hear about the characters you love (and the ones you hate!), where you think the series is going, or where you want it to go, or what you’d like to read about.
So after you read everything, and geek out with me in the comments, the next logical step is to share us with your friends, link/pimp the site if you have a blog/site of your own, or even share a link on FB.
(I’ll be adding some banners/buttons to make this easier).
We have a FB page – click Like if you do the social media thing, it’s a good way to get links to chapter updates, and I occasionally share a random musing or three.
This is kind of a natural outgrowth from commenting. There’s various places to review us, but the two that do us the most good are:
*The RC page on Web Fiction Guide – reviews get bumped to the front of the site, and this sends a bunch of traffic our way.
*The MF3.0 book on Amazon.
For Amazon/Kindle, grab it here.
For Smashwords (all ebook formats), get it here.
Or, if all else fails and you just wish to throw money at me, here’s a PayPal button.


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