In light of recent events, we are pleased to announce that Require: Cookie has been acquired by Able Corporation. Unfortunately, it’s not an official thing until we’ve gone through the paperwork. We still haven’t gotten our hands on the 27B-6 form. Due to the recent acquisition, there will be a few changes appearing soon. For example, Agent Stef Mimosa will hereafter be referred to as Agent Steven Masters, Agent Jones will be the head of the Combat Department, leaving the position available for Agent Michael Lint, and Agent Taylor will be moved to a spin-off series wherein he lives on a farm and pretends to be an onion salesman.
Shortly after the acquisition is made final, Stormy, Leaky, Wraith and Shade will be taking a business trip to Reykjavík, Iceland, to scout a location to begin filming the first Require: Cookie film: Seventy-Seven Shades of Blue.
While they are away, writing duties will be handled by new staff, Thomas Cuff Roper and Luci King. A former thriller writer, who took their pen name from being a Stephen King fan, Luci hopes to add some grit and realism to the new Cookieverse. Thomas has a history in writing romance, and is rumoured to be a ghostwriter for the Fifty Shades series.
Our final announcement is that during the holiday season, we are opening our Require: Cookie online merchandise store, where our first item available will be a vial of blue. Unfortunately, there were some manufacturing errors, so our first shipment of blue is actually a shipment full of vials of yellow. So, pre-orders will be delayed, but sent out as limited edition defective models with a standard release vial of blue included free with them, as an apology for the defective pre-order product.
We are looking forward to making all of these changes official and hope that everyone will be pleased with the improved and modernised Require Cookie.