Okay, so this is about Jonesy, and how he comes to rule the world, but it’s going to take a couple of steps before we get there.
Okay, so first, we have to go waaaay deep – creation myth deep. In the beginning, there was a whole lot of nothing. After Chaos died and this cycle of the universe/multiverse began, it took life a while to seep in.
There were thirteen worlds who had mirrors, but no life – like those seeds that sprout little white buds but don’t go anywhere.
Those thirteen worlds lived and died in seconds – at least on the universal timescale – and the mirrors of those thirteen worlds found each other, formed around each other and fell through the empty space of the universe together.
These mirrors were¬†different – because their planets had no life, they had no echoes and no ghosts within them, only their own somewhat-sorta-sentience that we’ve seen before.
And over time – lots and lots of time – this grew into something more.
Let’s put those aside for a moment.
Half a step away from our world, a dimension far closer than one might imagine, there was an agent born – Jonas, a man who would never be content with the role that the System that designed him for.
The thirteen fell to his Earth, and with one touch, one wish, he was ruler of the world.
Overnight, everything changed. Earth¬†became aware of Faerie, and chaos ensued. After a…settling period (in which so, so many people died), Jonas’ Earth started to resemble one of those cyberpunk dystopias.
Governments were replaced with corporations. And everyone was to work towards improving, bettering and furthering the Earth as an initial point of what Jonas intends on becoming a space empire. (He doesn’t dream small).
He converted most of the thirteen mirrors into ships – ones that could traverse space and dimensions – like the offspring of the Enterprise and the TARDIS. The goal of these ships? Visit worlds about to undergo a mirrorfall and scavenge unique technology and resources.
And for a while this worked well.
Then one crew rebelled.
The captain of the ship had always been loyal – though far more to his crew than to Jonas, and had already been reprimanded at several points for doing things like “not being as ruthless as necessary” and “rescuing a child from dying world”.
They ran. Jonas pursued.
They came to our Earth.
Jonas stepped through the worlds, and met Jonesy – his twin, his doppelganger, and someone who had the same potential that he did.
Jonas gave Jonesy all of his knowledge – showing Jonesy exactly what he was capable of, kissed his cheek, then ran off to pursue the missing ship and the rebellious crew.
And it was at this precise moment that Jonesy decided to kill himself. To prevent himself from becoming a monster. To snuff out that potential before he became an evil overlord.
But as we know, Taylor stopped him.
In the aftermath of learning what his alt-universe self was capable of, and being denied what he felt was an honourable way out, he was left with nothing to do but sit and think.
And he realised that he could do it – rule the world – but do it better.