I can see.
There’s something insanely pleasurable about a first experience. The first time you eat your new favourite food – the explosion of taste. The first time you hear some big epic score pouring out surround sound. The first time you smell the ocean, the smell of the salt on the air. The first time you feel silk around your body.
The first time you see.
The trailer for the bastardised, sorry, updated version of Star Wars said something like “see it again for the first time”. I’m seeing again, and it’s the first time. Gods, it really is amazing.
It’s…a speck of dust I think, hell it could be an elephant for all I know, it’s not like I can blink or anything.
Stupid elephant, stop wigging in and out of focus.
I can see.
It’s not an elephant.
Stupid speck.
Well, not speck, it’s the edge, the speck is kind of like a bend or fold, there’s a point of light on it.
Stupid speck.
I’m dancing, I really am. Slash dance.
I think this means the end is close.
Whatever that end is.
It’d be cool if it involved elephants.
I wish the voices would come back.
Wishing isn’t going to do you any good, concentrate on the fact that you can see now, genius. Change is good, change means this place isn’t stuck and static.
Oh, great cosmic whatever, thanks for giving me the ability to see. I appreciate it. A lot. It’d just be kind of nice if there was something to look at except a kind of big prismatic reflecty nothingness.
I mean, some lint would be nice. I can do the lint watching thing for hours.
I did once, yanno, I was sick, and the power went out, and I didn’t feel up to getting Frankie out of the cupboard. Lint watched. For two hours.
Ooh! You can give me that clock now.
No clock.
Fine. I’ll just go over…stay right here and pout.
The request for lint still holds.