Who is the person who doesn’t belong, in the room where previous Incarnations create the new Incarnation series? – the Leaking Pen

Ok, so there’s this.
A short story, showing a very, very short peek into the inner workings of the world behind the Agency. Behind Central. Further up and back.
Since the view with Cookie was always the long term, there are a lot of things I poked at, little hints dropped here and there.
You’ll notice some things, things that characters say or do, that hint that the world-building seeming incongruous to a certain point. It’s not plot holes (ok…99% isn’t plot holes, you are talking to the person who accidentally switched which one of Raz’s parents was white…oops).
There’s talk in canon of angels in all of their forms starting out as rocks and trees – basically as motionless beacons, just looking for major interference that would set off an alarm if that happened.
Some kind of giant leap forward happened, taking them from immobile alarm systems to people who actively guard the masquerade.
Because guarding the masquerade isn’t what they are supposed to be for. Hiding magic from humans was never in their original job description, so to speak.
So what the fuck happened?
Something the fuck happened.
The vague shape of things is that at some point, the fae insinuated themselves into the hierarchy, which is why the Agency is protecting the masquerade, which isn’t to protect humanity, it’s to keep the smelly, unevolved humans away from the fae.
The man in the short is one of the top brass in this organisation.