So I have an inner circle of close friends/fans (frans?) which we call The Thinktank.
This is where I talk about future plots/throw out first-draft work (which I call “scratch”), and otherwise plot the world of Cookie.
We also – quite often – talk about the sex lives of the characters. We’re idiots on the internet, so of course our conversations quite often turn to who should boink who and what would Stef do with a dildo¬†(answer: she would probably assume it was a doggy chew toy).
The other day, a few of us sat down and worked on a singular prompt – just to see the differences in how they would be they would be presented.
The prompt was: what would happen if Jones and Andrea were to get it on. It’s masturbation and narcissism to the ultimate logical (and sexy) end, but…come on, you’ve thought of it too.
Without further ado, here are the fics:
[Non-Canon. Fanfiction. None of this really happens.]