“I never really thought of you as ace.”
“I’ve never really given it thought at all, actually.”
The words floated through Agent Jones’s mind for almost a week. Was he asexual? Wasn’t he? It was fairly irrelevant in the grand scheme. Besides, one he finished his work, he could literally pick from anyone in the world.
But why wait until then to experiment with it?
Jones closed his eyes.

Andrea took a moment to look around the room. It was absolutely perfect. A simple bed with Agency-blue sheets, next to it a small table. Across from the bed, a large TV. It was only large so as to see it easily from the bed. No point in having a bed, if you have to get off it just to see the TV. A desk with a laptop on it. The laptop was open, but not turned on yet. Andrea wasn’t sure it would be needed.
Satisfied with the room, Andrea opened the door, and Agent Jones took her hand, and led her to the bed.
“I think… I think you should probably take the lead.”
“With pleasure.”
Andrea pulled Jones into a long, deep kiss, slowly running her hand down his chest, and over the slight bulge in his pants.
“You know, I’ve always had a slight crush on Taylor. I’m glad you didn’t decide on the same-”
“Taylor considered them a weakness. I never considered it. I just-”
He was interrupted by his pants being pulled down and Andrea taking him into her mouth. The sensation was unlike anything he’d encountered in his life.
He enjoyed it.
Andrea smiled and slowly worked her way down the shaft. It tasted about as she had expected it. It was just skin, after all.
Jones made some pleasured noises as Andrea sucked him off. Andrea wondered how long it would take with just a blowjob, but decided to further experiment. She stood up, and took her top off, her hand still stroking Jones.
“This is a two-player game, Jonesy.”
Jones reached up and gently squeezed Andrea’s breast. She let a soft moan escape and led his other hand to her skirt. Jones hesitated a moment, his fingers running back and forth over Andrea’s pussy through the fabric of her skirt, before moving under the skirt and removing her panties.
There was a moment where nothing happened. Nothing but Jones and Andrea savouring the moment.
Andrea pushed Jones over onto the bed and climbed over him.
“I hear this is the best part.”
Jones pulled Andrea into a kiss as she lowered herself onto him. It wasn’t the fireworks that people usually described, but it wasn’t… nothing. Andrea started moving, slowly. She seemed to be deciding whether to enjoy it or have it all at once.
Jones started moving his hips to match Andrea, and both of them started moaning and thrusting faster.
It wasn’t long before they shared an orgasm.
For a minute, there were no sounds but heavy breathing.
“I think I enjoyed that.”
“As did I. I think I may have decided on my sexuality, but I also think I might like to experiment more.”
“I think you should.”
Andrea trailed her finger over Jones’s chest, purring happily.
“Still, I wouldn’t say no to doing this more often.”
Andrea stood up, her thigh glistening as her pussy leaked down it. Jones sat up on the bed.
“I hope that I never do anything more narcissistic than this experiment for the rest of my life.”