It was taboo.
The word rolled around in his mind as he stood in front of the Andrea sim. The room was closed, locked, and all of the monitoring subroutines had been disabled. The Agency was all-knowing and all-powerful, but it had no interest in recording its agents fucking in the privacy of their own sim rooms.
He was going to fuck himself.

He opened the sim controls in his HUD, and extended his mind over to the doll of Andrea – it was a lot like driving a drone when you took full control, yet it was nothing like it at all. It was playing hell with his sense of proprioception. When you drove a drone, you did not try and take full control of it, and your own body – you let one or the other go.
Trying to control two bodies at once was a feat only the twins had managed.
He played with several options to lower the almost nauseating sense of duplicated self.
He closed his eyes, took a breath, and allowed himself to exist in split screen for a moment.
He used Andrea’s hands to undress him – Andrea’s hands were the ones far more practiced with sex. When Andrea, she had allowed herself the mindless pleasure of paid company – even when there were plans to be made, sometimes, a night off was earned.
When Jones though, he always seemed to fall far too easily into the stereotype of sexless nerd. His recruits needed to see him as safe, sexless, without a personal life.
Andreas hands – the doll’s hands – skated across his chest, and pushed him back onto the bed that represented the single piece of furniture within the sim.
It was masturbation, but there was comfort in familiar hands.
He set Andrea to autopilot – there were so many sex-focussed sims that it had taken him a while to find one that suited him, but once he had found it, he’d never let it go. The program would be sweet, would suck, and fuck, then cuddle afterwards.
There were a hundred programs that did the same thing, but this one just…worked for him. The bulge growing in his pants was all the proof he needed to remind himself of that.
His shirt was gone, and the doll made quick work of his pants, leaving him only in standard, agency-blue boxers. He reached down, popped the single button, and freed himself from confinement.
The doll pushed back on him, and began to work his cock with her hand.
Her mouth replaced her hand, and he gripped onto the bed.
There was an…intellectual eroticism to having Andrea’s mouth suck him off. Of knowing precisely what her lips felt like wrapped around the base of his cock, of feeling her tongue slide across the tip. The tease the folds and-
Teeth teased for the briefest of moments, and he lost all coherent thought, screaming and bucking against him. Andrea’s doll planted her hands on his stomach, her short nails dragging across his flesh, as she began to slam her head back and forth, deep-throating his cock with each thrust.
He came, her lips clamped around him, her hands moving to pump him dry. He allowed the doll’s senses to penetrate his mind, just a little, so that he could taste himself, to feel the sensation of cum sliding down his throat. To have to dual sensations of satisfaction, and the one providing satisfaction.
Jones allowed himself a moment to settle from the orgasm, then reached for the Andrea doll, pulled her up the length of his body, then rolled, bringing her beneath him.
He slipped a hand between her legs – she was already wet. Sims were always wet, waiting, needing to be filled and brought by the agent who had initiated the sim.
Jones brought his wet fingers to his lips and flicked his tongue across them. There was always something so terribly, incredibly intimate about tasting Andrea whilst not in the form herself.
He pressed his fingers to the doll’s lips, and watched her suck each of them in turn.
The doll pressed herself up against him, moulding her body to his. Breasts to chest. Stomach to stomach. Beating heart to beating heart. With a little guidance from her hand, he slipped inside her.
He knew the limits of Andrea’s body – knew how far and how hard she could be pushed, knew which movements would elicit pain, and which would elicit pleasure.
He knew all of her limits – all of the doll’s limits – and pushed on each one of them.
When the time came, he pushed himself – physically, mentally, and in every other way, into the Andrea doll – and felt the orgasm from both sides.
He lost himself staring into a loop of his own green eyes – quivered beneath himself, and felt the last pulsations of his cock sink deeply into the doll. Jones reached a hand down to slip himself free, and to cup the doll’s cunt, holding onto the sensation for a moment longer before pulling away, collapsing onto the bed.
After one more precious moment, he pulled his mind from the sim, and allowed that part of the program to end.
He lay in the afterglow, slowly requiring his skin clean, the sheet beneath him to refresh, and for everything to become sober and professional again.
There was work to be done, and he couldn’t spend the entire day in bed.