Jones screamed out at the crowd on the tech floor and the hive of activity a moment before stopped dead. A large metal cylinder stood on a desk, its top opened, and various pieces laying on the table. Cyrillic painted in red across the metal stated, “The Bomb to end all Time.” Hewitt stood by the table, holding a large glass sphere full of clear liquid, Raz leaned over the machine, in it up to his elbows, multimeter leads in his mouth. Curt and Stef stood in the corner, managing to look abashed.
“Let me get this straight. You captured an ARMED blackout bomb, the biggest they have ever built, one designed to destroy an Agency, and you BROUGHT IT THE FUCK INSIDE!”

“Jonesy, chill. We disarmed it. “
“You disarmed it, Hewitt? Really?”
“Yeah, this is the time water here. Without it, no blackout.”
Raz spoke up. “It was pretty smart, Jonesy. This,” He said, pointing to a small rod inside, “is a supersonic mister unit on meth. It would have shattered the sphere and spread the water in an atomized mist, it would have penetrated everything so finely it could have shut down the System in the entire building.”
“In order to shatter THAT glass cylinder, still five feet away?”
“Have you disabled the sonic part?”
“Not yet. Why?”
With a click, a flick, and a crash, the rod shot up a foot in the air, screaming out intense sound that caused everyone to clamp their hands to their ears. Everyone watched in horror as the glass sphere, unsupported, began to fall, but it managed to make it an inch closer to the ground before it imploded, spraying a fine liquid mist. This was followed a moment later by a series of small shattering sounds, and the unmistakable sound of Merlin screaming. The sounds ended and Stef and Jones grimaced as the Blackout Zone warning flashed across their huds. The lights dimmed and the building shook a little under them as alarms started flashing.
“Okay, protocol NO TITS. Lets go people! “ Jones began ushering people out the half open doors. “Systems down, literally. No elevators, take the emergency stairs. We have to assume they’re ready for this, grab weapons, be ready to defend the doors. Lets move.”
Motion where it had no right to be caught his eyes, and he turned to see eveyone reflected in a wall to wall, ceiling to floor mirror that hadn’t been there before. It rippled and distored, and with a shock, Jones looked into Andrea’s face in the mirror. She winked and blew him a kiss, them went back to ushering the techs on her side out.
The last few out the door, Jones rushed back to his desk to grab a few items and weapons. Merlin was huddled in his box, blood seeping from dozens of small wounds in his back. As jones watched, they slowly scabbed over then healed completely, leaving only the stains of blood. “Hey, Merlin, darling, lets go.”
The pain finally gone, Merlin stood up shakily. “No, its okay mum. Look!” He motioned, and the alarm faded from Jones’ vision, several terminals popped back to life, as the System reasserted itself. Behind him, unnoticed by Jones, part of the shimmering mirror faded away, leaving a blank hole.
“That’s… a great trick Merlin. Well done! That might scare the others more than the blackout though. Lets get you out of here, okay? “
Merlin pouted a moment, then headed out the door. “Okay mum. Agent Squishy is about to need me anyways.”
Jones watched the circle of live terminals fade and grow, a ten foot circle of System centered on Merlin. He shook his head, then took several steps back to survey the room for anything important he’d missed. His last step ended in something warm slamming into his back.
Jumping foward, Jones whirled in place, laser cutting coming to bear. He stopped in stunned silence, matched by the figure opposite him. Andrea looked him up and down for a moment, smiled, and opened her mouth.
“Damn. I AM kinda cute.”
A whining sound behind him took Jones’ attention from the impossibility before him, and he turned to the metal bomb, as Andrea did the same towards a matching bomb behind her. In unison, the bombs blew in a bright white flash, molten metal spraying in a circle as a wave of energy flashed out. The cutter in his hand sparked and caught fire for a moment, as did anything metal. Large steel doors slammed shut on every exit to control the blast, and the lights went completely dark.
In unison, Jones and Andrea spoke into the pitch black before them. “Of COURSE it had an EMP on a five minute timer. Because just being a blackout bomb wasn’t bad enough.”
“So. “
“Its going to be at least half an hour till the effects fade and the building re-merges. Us with it.”
“At least. So… am I thinking what I’m thinking?”
“Did… we really just say that? Because of course I’m thinking what I am thinking.”
Unerringly, they found each other in the dark.
“This must be what the twins feel like all the time.”
“Jonesy, shut up and kiss me.” “Yes Ma’am”
Electricity cracked between them as their tounges met. Like the bows of a symphony of cellos, the two moved in perfect time, seeking angles and directions to explore each other’s mouths. They both noted with mild amusement that they DID in fact taste a little different, something they had been told before. Jones’s mouth was a touch sweeter, Andrea a touch smokier. Fingers found hair, the exact right locks being tugged to the perfect pressure. They kneeled, leaning in, no point of contact but their mouths, foreheads, and hands cradling each other’s heads. Sensation grew, their rhythm more frenzied, and Jones felt a tightening in his crotch, across his back, felt the matching but different sensations in Andrea, her stomach, her legs tightening, as they came together.
For the first time as a man, Jones felt himself orgasm without ejaculation, leaving him with the worst sensation of blueballs in his life. At the same time, he could feel the ache in Andrea, the desire to be filled. Without words, they stripped each others’ clothes off. Andrea threw him backwards onto the ground, knees into his inner thighs. He grunted with pleasure and pain as he could feel her wet lips sliding JUST over the tip of his cock, twitching as if it could grow the extra few inches it needed.
She leaned over him, her hair swaying over his face, neck, chest, grazing over his nipples in way that cut like teeth, sending waves of pleasure through him. He reached up and caught Andrea by the waist. He turned his hands inward and raked his nails upwards across her back.
Andrea moaned and arched her back up against the sharp sting of his nails, driving her crotch lower, catching him and slwly sliding him inside of her. She held that position, half enveloping him, for several long seconds before she rolled her legs foward over his, straddling his waist. With a sharp slap her mound drove into him, his shaft buryed in her to the balls. He started to cry but was silenced as with one hand behind his head, Andrea pulling him up towards her, his mouth filled with a nipple and breast.
Jones clamped his lips around her aerole, lightly sucking as he ran the tip of his tounge in circles around the delightfully firm flesh of her nipple. Andrea ground against him, circling her vagina once around him for every time he completed a circuit of her nipple. They both slowly grew in speed, breath coming harder and faster, until Jones felt her stiffen and squeeze time around him, coming with a slight squeek and shudder.
Catching her breath, Andrea held out her hands and was rewarded by instantly finding his hands upright to support her. In th pitch black, they moved almost as one as she braced herself against his hands and the floor, and began riding up and down on him. Deep gasping breaths and the wet slick sound of them slowly rubbing against each other were all that filled the tech floor, distant echoes coming back to them. Jones exhilarted in the feeling of Andrea tight against him, and she felted almost sated at the sensation of being filled in the most intimate way possible. As they made love faster and faster, both realized that they could feel what the other was feeling, sharing both sensations. They slammed against each other harder and harder, Jonesy’s ass coming off the floor and slamming back down against it with every stroke, Andrea taking him into her to the point where she started to feel bent inside with every screaming thrust.
Fingers clenched in embrace, Jones and Andrea came together, wringing every last bit of pleasure out of each other’s bodies. Spent, Andrea draped herself over Jones, head on his chest. He played with her hair idly with one hand.
“That… was magnifecent. “
“Yeah we were. Wanna go again?”
At that moment, the lights came back on as System territory reasserted itself. Popped electronics and terminals fixed themselves in a moving wave that came to the pair. The world dissolved away and Jones could feel the sensation of Shifting. He and Andrea materialized in the infirmary, still tangled naked together on a hospital.
“I don’t know, his heart rate is up, and these neurtransmitters are all over th… What the UNHOLY FUCK!”
Andrea and Jones looked around at the scene, blinking agasint the sudden light. Ryan stood looking halfway between amused and shocked. The twins stared open mouth, and Taylor growled before Shifting away. As the magic effects faded and ended, and the pair suddenly found themselves pulled together. Jones felt his flesh merging with hers, two becoming one again. It shifted and twisted, deciding on a form, before returning to Jones.
“As you were, Jones.” WIth that, Ryan turned and left the room.
“Jones,” Parker-1 began, “Were you and Andrea…”
Jones smiled, remembering her touch, his touch, now remembering the encounter equally as both people. “ Yeah.”
“That’s fucking sick. I mean, blugggh.” Parker-1 shuddered.
Panicked, Jones turned to the other twin for support.
“Seriously Jones, that was disgusting. You are SERIOUSLY fucked up.” If anything, Parker-0 looked more disgusted than his brother. “Get the fuck out of our lab.”
Confused, Jones stood, requirring a lab coat, and shifted himself back to the tech floor.