Vincent fell out of bed.
It was about 9 in the morning. That wasn’t a bad time to be awake. Vincent looked out the window, and thought about the color pink, for some reason. He wandered around his room a bit, when his phone pinged. He required a headset.
“Vincent! Hey, it’s Director Wraith. We’ve got a situation in California that’s right up your alley.”
“I hate it when you say something’s right up my alley. It usually means ‘we’ve thrown everything else at it, and have no fucking clue what we’re doing.’ But that is kinda my specialty.”
“Yes, fine, whatever. You ready for a shift?”
Vincent’s room blurred into a small courtyard park. He took a look around, taking in everything about his new location.
It was a nice looking town. There was a movie theater, some kids playing on the other side of the park, a few convenience stores. The Regional Director was to Vincent’s left.
“So, what’s the deal here?”
“We’re not completely sure. There have been random storms that seem to be completely isolated to just a few square feet. Not much bigger than a small car. They show up, then vanish completely moments later. None last longer than a full minute.”
“Have you sent anything into one?”
“We’ve tried, but never got to one in time to send anything like a drone in.”
“Fine, I’ll see what I can do.”
Immediately after finishing that sentence, there was what sounded like an explosion, and a small cloud appeared in front of them, glowing occasionally from what appeared to be lightning strikes inside it. Vincent shrugged.
“Well, then. That makes this easier.”
Vincent required a slice of bread, and threw it as hard as he could into the cloud. Wraith just rolled his eyes.
“Bread, Vincent?”
“Yeah, it’s soft enough to not hurt anyone, and solid enough to show any sort of effects, should anything other than being eaten happen to it.”
The cloud vanished, just as loudly and suddenly as it appeared. Vincent shrugged again.
“I suppose I’ll go look for more of these.”
“Let me know if you find anything out.”
“Will do, boss.”
The Director shifted away, and Vincent walked a few steps forward, heading out into the town to look for any sort of-
There was a soft thunk as a slice of bread hit Vincent in the back of the head. He poked his headset.
“Hey, boss, they’re apparently fluctuations in time.”
“How do you figure that? And how did you figure that out so damn fast?”
“I got struck by miraculous insight. Also, a third of a sandwich hit me in the head as I walked past where the cloud we saw was.”
“Shit. That can’t be good.”
“Yeah, no kidding. If Time’s messing around here, we’re in trouble. It could be anything, and we’d have to be five minutes ahead to even know what hit us.”
“Well, I’ll get some people on it. Meanwhile, try not to end up in the middle ages or something. I don’t even know how Time would react to you.”
“If I piss him off enough, ideally, he’ll just send me to the year I was born, and let me fuck up my own birth.”
“We both know that’s a lot more complicated than that.”
“Well, yeah, but I wouldn’t mind playing an original copy of Super Mario again.”
“Fair enough.”
“I’ll keep you updated in as real-time as I can manage. Hopefully, you won’t get a message from me any later than ten minutes ago.”
Vincent required a watch with the local time, and another watch set to Brisbane and Denver time. According to the local watch, it was 4:27 PM. He watched it count a few seconds to ensure it was working properly, then turned around to walk back to where he was shifted in.
“Huh, how’d I miss that?”
There was a clock tower taking up almost all of his view.
“Well, if Time’s fucking around in the area, you’d think a clock tower would be something he was trying not to target.”
Vincent, you’re forgetting something. Where are you?
“I’m in California. Nice place, really. Never too cold here. Shouldn’t be too far from a beach, now that you ment-”
There was another explosion, and this time, Vincent was flung onto his back.
He rolled backwards, recovering as quickly as possible, taking a good look at whatever caused the time fluctuation.
It was a car. A grey one. Vincent knocked on the driver’s window.
“Hi, I’m Vincent. I’m new around here, could you tell me where I am?”
“If my calculations are correct, you should be in Hill Valley, California, on Wednesday, October 21, at 4:29PM.”
“Thanks, Doc.”