Vincent opened his eyes.
“Yeah, I’m in an Agency building. Window, please?”
He walked a few steps. There was a window. He looked out and saw a city he didn’t recognize.
“Well, I’m certainly somewhere that isn’t Phoenix or Denver. Require: google maps?”
“No need. You’re in Brisbane. I can confirm that.”
Vincent turned around, and looked at the Agent sitting at his desk.
“I’m Recruit Vincent, sir.” He made a slight bow, and tried to restrain a smirk. “And it’s going to take me a day or two to get used to listening to Australian accents.”
“That’s okay. We do occasionally get recruits that barely speak english.”
“If your tech department is anything like the one in Phoenix, then I know exactly what you’re talking about. I don’t speak Klingon.”
The Agent laughed.
“So, do I get a tour, or do I just show myself around?”
“Which would you prefer?”
“I like to discover things on my own.”
“All right. I suggest you visit the medical wing first, if only because you never know when you’ll need to go there.”
“Sure thing.”
Vincent left the office, and made a left. He quickly found the medical center, and poked his head in.
“Newbie, don’t ask unless you want to see a very explicit answer to the question ‘what’s up doc?’.”
Vincent decided that he knew where the medical wing is, and that he’d meet the medical Agents later, when they weren’t busy. Then again, after hearing what… whomever that was said, he wasn’t sure there was a time when the medical Agents weren’t “busy.”
“… I hope the tech department is more-”
“Not the word I’d use to describe any tech department, ever.”
Good point.
He stepped out of the elevator, and stepped over a couple recruits, then found his way to the Agent’s office. He decided to knock.
Remember the last two times you tried to knock?
“Bite me.”
“I said ‘excuse me, may I come in?”
It was a tech agent’s office, that’s for damn sure.
“Hi. I’m a transfer recruit. My name’s Vincent.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Agent Jones.”
“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”
“Nope. We’re just doing a bit of low-level questing.”
“… Warcraft?”
Vincent suppressed a shudder.
“Not a WoW-er?”
“MMOs aren’t my cup of tea.”
“And yet here you are, in the tech department.”
“Well, I was going to check out the medical wing, but…”
“Ooooh. Yeah.” Jones stared at a wall for a moment. “Hey, I’m about to have some company, and it’s not going to be pretty. Why don’t you head on over to the common room, and see if they’ve got anything going on?”
“Sure. I could go for some Mario Kart. Thanks, Agent Jones.”
“You’re welcome.” Jones turned away as a really big agent was shifted in. Vincent moved his ass a little faster to the common room.