Vincent walked around the terminal of the airport, looking around for his contact. He ended up next to a window, shielding his eyes for a moment from the intense light. He growled.
He thought about requiring a flamethrower, and was raising his arm when he felt a tap on his shoulder.
“Recruit Vincent?” He spun around, and moved the arm that was just about to have a flamethrower in it to scratch his back instead.
“Yeah. You Aaron?”
“Yep. Nice to meet you.” He took a good look at Aaron, who was wearing a tie, a short sleeved shirt, and fairly nice, but hardly warm-looking pants.
“So, how are we getting to HQ from here? They kinda didn’t tell me anything.”
“A quick Shift. Don’t expect to be spending too much time in there, though. You’re on vacation, after all. You ready to go?”
Vincent thought for a moment, about his room back in Arizona. “Does the place have a good view of all the snow?”
“Not really,” Aaron said with a bit of a shrug. Vincent made the rudest gesture he could think of at the cold, blank scenery outside.
“Okay, I’m ready now.” Vincent blinked. It was a long blink, as whenever he was shifted with his eyes open, he got a little motion sick. He opened his eyes, and was in a room very similar to his own. “I’m glad to see that things don’t change much from place to place.”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure every agency on Earth is built exactly the same.”
Vincent made a few requirements, making the place feel a bit more… home-y. “Aight, I’m good. Can we get something to eat? Preferably not at the Agency, as I am supposed to be on vacation.”
“Yeah, I figured you’d say that. I know of this small cafe, they’ve got great sandwiches.”
“Sure, let’s go.”
They walked through the building, down the elevator, past the desk, signed out, and walked a few blocks to the cafe. Strangely, there wasn’t any snow. It must melt quickly in the bustle of the city itself. They rounded a corner, and Vincent damn near walked into the glass window of the cafe. It was indeed a small cafe. Barely three tables, a bar with maybe a stool and a half, and only one overhead speaker that was too quiet to hear the crappy music it was playing. Overall, it was nice, as there was only one patron, who was furiously tapping on his laptop.
Aaron walked up to the bar, and ordered some sandwich with more vegetables than bread. It smelled a bit like nature. Vincent got a roast beef sandwich, then took the beef, and crammed it in between one of the slices of bread, folded in half.
“I like to have a sandwich that doesn’t taste like it’s just bread.”
“That makes sense. So, got any plans for your vacation?”
“Yeah. Not freezing my ass off.” He ran a finger over a sensation in his neck.
“Where are you from again?”
“Phoenix, Arizona. Snow is a forbidden concept down there.” The sensation became more intense, and wandered down his shoulder. He sent two fingers after it.
“I think I’d die in a place like that. I don’t do well in heated places.”
“Yeah, I hear that a lot. Godsdammit, I hate these roving itches.” He was chasing the itch around his shoulder now, and it moved out of his reach, so he required a backscratcher, and continued trying to appease the wandering irritant.
Aaron just tried to pretend to focus on his sandwich and tried not to laugh at the hilarious motions Vincent was making. It almost looked like a sacred dance of some ancient culture.
“You know, you might tr-” The cafe turned white and loud in an instant. Vincent kept scratching, and pulled his gun out of it’s holster with his left hand. Aaron had already knocked the table over and was peeking over it.
Vincent glared at various things, trying to discern who set off the bomb. He tried to require a penny, and nothing happened. He scratched a little to the left, then fired a shot. A Solstice that was chasing… something dropped like the pile of shit he was. Two more Solstice turned and fired back. Aaron took three shots, and they both dropped.
“Three shots?”
“Yeah, I encountered one of them before. I hit him in the groin then the chest. It’ll be another few seconds before he bleeds out.”
“… remind me not to piss you off.” He scratched again, a little higher this time, and heard a shout from behind him. Looked like a fae was taking a shit. Nope. Was tearing the arms off a Solstice. Same difference. Yet another Solstice tackled the Fae, and Vincent dived out the broken window smashing the backscratcher on his head.
“Aaron, we clear?”
“Yeah, looks like it. Blackout bomb’s still got a few minutes to go, though.”
“Well shit.” He looked at the broken handle of the backscratcher and threw it at the unconscious Solstice’s head. “I still itch.”