Vincent took a look at Curt. This dude was almost too normal-looking. He was also glaring at Vincent.
“I realise you’re an American and all, but staring is a bit rude here in Australia.”
“Oh, sorry again. I didn’t realize I was staring. It’s actually rude in the U.S. also, but i’m kinda socially inept, there, too.”
“Ah, well, at least you are aware of it.”
“And working on it. I suppose we can get out of the middle of the hallway.”
“Yes, let’s.”
“Mind if I follow you for a bit? You seem to know what’s going on.”
“Actually, I’ve not got time to talk about… stuff… right now. I’m headed out and am a little busy right now. Maybe later. Why don’t you go check on the tech department? They’ve usually got something going on.”
“I think I will.” After we do a bit of spying on Taylor.
Curt walked away, and Vincent thought about a plan to sneak into the Combat areas. He wondered if he’d need heavy plated tank armor. Or was it armour? Just keep thinking in American, stupid.
“Stop calling me stupid, you… whatever the fuck you are.”
I’m a voice in your head, and you are stupid.
“Yeah, so what if I am stupid? Can’t you think of a better name that drips with sarcasm, like everything else you tell me?”
Fine, I’ll use your last name.
“Don’t you fucking dare.”
I do what I want, stupid. But I do agree that ‘stupid’ is a bit of a bland insult. How does ‘foppotee’ sound?
“Just silly enough. Now shut up and think of a plan to steal Taylor’s pants.”
Vincent walked to the elevator, and punched the Tech floor. He didn’t have a plan yet, and he wasn’t sure if he actually wanted to steal Taylor’s pants. He headed for Jones’ office.
“Hey, Jones. How often do you defy gravity for fun?”
“Every Saturday night for an hour.”
“Seriously? I thought you’d have less free time.”
“I make time. Are you bored again?”
“Sort of. I’m looking for some way to keep busy while I think of a plan to steal Taylor’s pants.”
“That’s a bit fruitless. He’s required away his genitalia, and he’d probably kill you anyway.”
“Don’t you mean nutless?”
“It’s a bad idea, recruit.”
“Well, phooey. And my first meeting with him went so well, too.”
“Do I even want to know?”
“He threw me out of a window the second I stepped out of the elevator and called him Red Hulk.”
“It’s a bit of a ways to the window from the elevator.”
“It’s a bit hazy, but he did get a running start. Like, way faster than human running.”
“Thankful for the building macro?”
“Hell. Yes. Well, thanks for the info, Jonesy. I’ll try something less likely to kill me and more likely to get Red Hulk to smile.”
“Good luck with that, Vincent.”
Vincent walked out the door and to the elevator. He had a plan now.