The body was cold. Not as cold as the weather outside, but still cold enough to annoy Vincent. He needed to find something before the poltergeist regained his grip on reality. Something. Anything. He could feel the seconds ticking in his mind.
He found something.
An ID card. It was in the guy’s inner jacket pocket, for some reason. It said his name was Derrick Gallins. He quickly put it back, and ran to the other side of the room. He heard a crash.
“How the hell do you know my name?”
“I cheated.”
“Ew, no. I left your whole body alone, and even if I did search your body, I wouldn’t be looking for… it.”
There was a hesitation, then Vincent sensed something being carried in his direction.
“Okay, so you didn’t disturb it. How do you know my name?” The ghost slammed a garbage can against a desk, just to make noise, and let Vincent know he meant business.
“I have super powers that let me know stupid things like the names of people, or the exact amount of change I’ll need in the grocery store in about a week.”
“That’s kind of a stupid power. Also, you’re lying.”
“Yeah, I am. If I said I don’t want to tell you right now, would you still try to turn me into a pancake with that garbage can?”
“Maybe. Can you help me get into my body?”
“I might, but I haven’t any idea how.”
“Neither do I.” The ghost slammed the garbage can again, and let out a frustrated yell.
“Still, we can try some things, so long as you promise not to hit me with anything if they fail.”
“Fine. What things do you have in mind?”
“Electricity. Y’know, one of those thingies that they use in hospitals… what the hell are they called…”
“Yeah, that’s it! Is there one nearby?”
“This is a museum. Do you really think there’s one nearby?”
“Damn.” He didn’t want to reveal that he was with the Agency to the ghost. Not yet. “I’ll hafta improvise.”
“With what?”
He kicked open a nearby audio information kiosk, and pulled some wires out. Then he stuck his hand in there and started fiddling with more wiring. He had no idea what he was doing, but he did require some shock-resistant gloves. In a few minutes, he had some wires attached to the body, and more wires just lying nearby.
“Hey, Derrick? Can you pick up these wires, then stand… well… in your body’s stomach?”
“Has anyone told you that you’re insane?”
“Yes. And I’ve also seen the movie Frankenstein recently. The book was better, but didn’t have the scene that’s been immortalized in pop culture, as well as-”
“Shut up. Go turn it on.”
“Right.” Vincent moved over to the kiosk that he’d rigged up, and dramatically got ready to push the button. “You ready?”
“Push the fucking button!”
Vincent pushed the fucking button.