Vincent glanced at the papers while he was in the elevator. American legalese was over his head, but this was Australian. He did spot some key words, and was confused as to why Stef would need these particular papers. The elevator opened, and he walked to Ryan’s office, because he realized he didn’t know where Stef’s office was. Or if she even had one.
“I’m not going to knock, because I have bad luck with knocking on doors.”
“Just come in, then.”
Stef was on the couch again, and it looked like she was playing a gameboy, and Ryan was doing paperwork, and occasionally glancing over at her.
“Hey, Magnolia said these papers were in the wrong place.”
Ryan raised an eyebrow. “That doesn’t happen often. Let me see those.”
Stef looked up at the mention of Magnolia, but otherwise didn’t react. Vincent thought about Magnolia’s ass again, for some reason.
“These are all mostly completed. It’s not like Magnolia to send us unfinished work.”
“She did seem a little… distracted… just before she handed me the papers.”
Ryan got the inference. Stef didn’t. Ryan made a few scribbles on the paperwork.
“Well, they’re finished now, so go ahead and take them back to her. And if she’s got more work to do, please don’t let her get distracted.”
“Yes, sir.”
One short elevator trip later, and Mags was glaring at Vincent. Vincent was trying not to pay attention to her figure.
“What are you doing here again?”
“Well, those papers you gave me appear to be the wrong papers, and I jumped at the chance to ogle you again. Admittedly, I’m pretty sure my obnoxious ability to speak drives you up the wall, but you’re by far one of my favorite experiences here. And I didn’t mean that as in ‘us fucking.'”
“Again? Sure.”
Magnolia rolled her eyes and sighed. “Fine…”