Magnolia was sitting on Vincent’s chest.
“You know, I like you. I don’t know why, but I do like you.”
“All of me, or just p-”
“All of you, so long as you keep your fucking mouth shut.”
Vincent nodded. For some reason, when she spoke, it was like a threat, even when she said she liked him. It felt like ‘Don’t fuck up the reason I like you, or I’ll fucking kill you and cut you into tiny pieces.’
Magnolia stood up, and required herself another sexy dress.
“Come with me.”
“I did. I mean-” He clapped his hands over his mouth as she glared knives at him. She started walking, and Vincent followed.
They quickly came to a gym, which was empty. And dark. And a little frightening.
“Here.” She tossed him a towel. He ran it over his face once, then slung it over his shoulder. “You might want to change clothes.”
Vincent thought about changing into something ridiculous, but decided against it. He was very much in her territory, and he had little doubt she could tear his head clean off. Both of them.
“I want to see how well you fight.”
“Go ahead. Throw a punch. Or a kick.”
“This conflicts with my moral code, but since you’re a combat recruit, and… intimidating…”
“Look, shut up. Throw a fucking punch. Are you a man or a fucking mouse?”
Vincent took a deep breath, stuck out his chest, and let out some bellow that sounded a bit like a war cry.
He threw the hardest punch he could, which Magnolia easily sidestepped.
“What. The fuck. Was that.”
“Umm… It was an attempt at drama. I may read too many comic books.”
“Comic books won’t do shit for you in a real fight.”
She threw a punch at his face. He dodged, just barely, and grabbed her arm, turning to flip her over his shoul- He was kicked in the stomach. She was really fast and nimble.
“Well. You can move faster than a comic book.”
She swung her foot again. Vincent blocked it, only to be tripped by a second swing of her leg. She jumped and threw a punch at his face. He leaned just enough for her to punch the ground, and kicked her in the stomach, hoping to flip her over him. He rolled to his feet, and ducked, as she stood up and dusted off.
“Eh. Not bad. You could do to have some more power and speed to your punches, but your reflexes and your kicks are not bad.”
Vincent opened his mouth to speak, but just let out a gasp for breath. It wasn’t that hard of a workout, was it?
“Have some water, and catch your breath. I’m done kicking your ass for now.”
“Th- thanks.” Vincent decided to have a lie down. He didn’t have much choice, as his legs dropped him on his ass right that moment.