There was a flash of light. Vincent covered his eyes. Sparks were flying. If this is how he was going to die…
He blinked. He scowled. He blinked again.
“Nothing happened.”
“The hell it didn’t. I can’t see a damn thing.”
“Stand up, then, moron.”
Vincent realized he was staring at the floor. He stood up, slowly, and looked at Derrick and his body. There was no change, except that there were some smoking black marks where the ends of the wires were.
“Well, that’s the craziest thing I could think of.”
“Maybe it was too crazy?”
“In my line of work, there’s no such thing as too crazy.”
“If you say so. Now what?”
“Well, you’re not throwing things at me, so I’d say we’ve made progress.”
“You’re a very strange person. For some reason, you make me feel… less angry, and despite the fact that it didn’t work as planned, I think this… experiment… did something to me.”
“I have that effect on people. Ummm… Well, I can’t think of any more ways to try to re-animate you, and I haven’t read Herbert West recently, so as much as I don’t want to, I’d say you’re stuck as a ghost. On the plus side, you seem to have a pretty firm grasp on-” He braced for impact, but Derrick just kicked a kiosk, and it fell over, making a lot of noise. “… reality.”
Derrick smiled, which threw Vincent off. “Yeah, you’re right. I did have a nice life, and it’s over, and I really didn’t have much to lose. All I had was my job here, as night security, and I was happy.”
“No family?”
“Nope. Never got married, and my parents are retired in Europe and never had much to do with me anyway. They won’t miss me.”
“That makes sense. Well, now you’re probably the best night security here.”
“That’s true. I’m not sure if my replacement can handle a ghost co-worker.”
“I’ll make sure he does. In the meantime, I’ve got something else to do. You think you can keep a handle on your ghostly rage for the rest of the night?”
“Ha ha. I think I can do that. I actually look forward to being the night guard for… however long ghosts last.”
“Good. You’ll do great. Vandals and such will never expect the place to be guarded by a poltergeist. I’ll come back to visit when I can. Now, I’ve got to find Thomas, then after that, make sure that your body is properly taken care of.”
“Who’s Thomas?”
“He’s the reason I’m here. A ghost, just like you, but he died a couple weeks ago. I promised to bring his wife to him, which you might have seen before you started trashing the place.”
“I didn’t. Or maybe I did, but wasn’t… focused. Anything I can do to help?”
“Unless there’s some sort of ghost communication network, no, I don’t think so.”
“Well, good luck then.”
Vincent required a headset. “Aaron, you there?”
“Yeah, what’s up, Vincent?”
“New ghost taken care of. I’m gonna start looking for the ghost we intended to find.”
“Good. You need anything?”
“Just something to break the silence while I-”
There was a soft thunk, and Aaron’s headset went silent.
No answer.
Aaron requested a shift to the Museum.