Vincent felt something touch his shoulder.  He resisted an urge to bite it, and turned to look at it.  It was a hand.  The hand was attached to Aaron.
“Whatcha playing?”
“EarthBound.  I’m grinding for the Broken Antenna while Alexander does some actual work.”
“Well, you should probably save, because it’s time to head out to the museum with Thomas’s wife.”
“Bugger.  Shift: Ness to Tenda Village.”  The screen showed him using an Exit Mouse. Vincent saved, quit, and made a mental note to play Super Metroid on a screen that big.
“How are we traveling?
“We’re not. You’re being shifted to the museum, and I’m being shifted to the mountains, where I will drive and meet you at the museum. We’re gonna shift the car, so it won’t take as long as actually driving that distance.”
“Okay, fine. Anything else I should know?”
“Nope. See you in a few minutes.”
Vincent blinked again. He was in the museum. He walked over to where he said he’d meet Thomas. He didn’t see anything. He grunted.
There was a noise from another part of the room, and Vincent could hear Thomas’ voice heading toward him. He let out a breath. This week had enough complications. For once, things were going smoothly. For once he didn’t need-
“Hey, Vincent. I’d like you to meet someone.”
“Dammit, Thomas! I told you to make sure there wasn’t any more ghosts!”
Thomas made a nervous noise and led Vincent around a corner. Derrick was standing next to… something human-shaped.
“Who the hell is that?”
A voice that sounded muffled came from the direction of the shape.
“What did it say?”
“I said… Hi, Vincent!”
Vincent moved closer. Derrick stepped back.
“… There’s no third ghost. This is a sheet draped over a mop.”
Derrick and Thomas laughed.
“Had you going there, for a bit.”
“Ha ha. I would have thrown a sheet over me as I came in. ‘Oh no! Vincent! You’re a ghost now!’ See, that would have been funnier.”
“I guess you’re right. Well, there’s my something learned for today.”
They idly chatted for a moment, when Aaron and Mrs. Phelps showed up. Thomas stopped dead in his tracks. Which was kind of impressive, since he was already dead.
Thomas and his wife looked at each other for a moment, and Vincent grabbed Aaron and drug him out of the museum.
“Well, there’s my good deed for the week. Now what?”
“Well, there’s always the 16th street mall?”
“How’s the heating system?”
“It’s an outdoor mall.”
“Well, fuck that, then.”
There was a moment of mental debate.
“Let’s just go back to the tech department, and I’ll pretend to speak WoW while plotting a takeover with a Stormcrow armed with concrete donkeys.”