The infirmary came into view, and Vincent fought the moment of nausea, focusing on keeping Stef from bleeding any more.
Then the infirmary faded away, and the nausea got worse. Vincent tried to keep it together. He tried to move his body, but the process of shifting prevented him from full body control.
He threw up.
The car they had just shifted away from reappeared, and Vincent immediately tried to require a penny. Nothing. He realized his leg was wet, so he turned and…
That is the most hilariously disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.
“Oh, gross.”
Curt was lying on the ground, with vomit staining various parts of his uniform. Stef was covered in blood as well as vomit, and lying about two feet to the left. Vincent himself was positioned in a way that would likely get him killed if Stef was conscious. Magnolia was… nowhere to be seen.
“Curt? What the fuck just didn’t happen?”
“I think the shift failed.”
“Gods damn it. I’ve really got to get that motion sickness looked into, if shit like that’s going to happen.”
“Oh. So this was yours, then?”
“… Yes. You’re taking it rather smoothly.”
“I’ve been thrown up on before.”
“Where’s Magnolia?”
“I have no idea. How is Stef?”
“I have no idea.”
“We should probably try to get Stef out of the blackout zone, at least.”
“Yeah. How are we going to do that?”
“Well, we could carry her, but that’s probably a bad idea.”
“It’s only a bad idea if she’s even still alive at this point.”
Curt looked at Stef, and threw his jacket over her, doing a few checks for vital signs.
“I don’t know. She’s still breathing.”
“That’s odd, because I didn’t feel a heartbeat a moment ago.”
“Stef doesn’t do anything that people consider normal, why should she start now?”
“That’s as good of an excuse as any. Change of plans?”
“Yeah. We’ll just try to keep her stable until the blackout ends.”
“Gods dammit. I’m gonna go see if I can find something to macgyver something we can carry her on. Get too used to requiring…”
Vincent muttered under his breath and wandered in a random direction, making sure to keep track of where he went, so he could find his way back, should he actually find anything. He didn’t get too far before he was completely lost.
“Well, fuck!”
“… You do pick the strangest times to offer.”
Vincent jumped. Magnolia was standing a few feet away, her hands behind her back.
“I… You… What the flying fucking hells is going on?”
“Magpies. They… have a certain amount of control over me, and that’s why I joined in when they tried to kill you and Mimosa.”
“That sounds like a very convenient defense. Bullshit defense or no, where did you vanish to?”
“I didn’t vanish, I faded. I went somewhere where I could clear my mind, and not be controlled into attacking you again when I came back. So, now I’m back. I was on my way back to Mimosa and O’Connor, but I saw you and thought you’d be less likely to attack me than them.”
“Fine, let’s go back to Curt and Stef and you can fade us to the infirmary.”
“I can’t carry people when I fade.”
“Shit. This whole thing is turning out peaches and candy.”
“Shut up and let’s get back to Mimosa and O’Connor.”
“Easier said than done. I’m completely lost, and I’m not completely sure I can trust you, as you’ve been spouting bullshit the past few minutes.”
Magnolia started to glare at Vincent, then turned around and punched the air. Vincent couldn’t help but notice that her ass was just a little more alluring when she was annoyed.
“I can’t help it if shit happens! I just deal with whatever is thrown at me! You don’t know what they do to my mind!”
“Are you deliberately flaunting your ass at me in an attempt to get me to believe you?”
“What answer do you want to hear?”
“I just want this to be over, so I can have a fucking lemonade, and a nap.”
“So, you believe me?”
“Yes! Fine! Whatever! Let’s fucking go!”
They walked in silence, with Vincent hoping that Magnolia wouldn’t go randomly batshit the whole time. They arrived back where Stef and Curt were at, and Curt had Stef up on his lap, and she was snoring. He glared daggers at Magnolia when they showed up, but refrained from anything else when he saw Vincent behind her.
“Stef is stable, thanks to that packet of blue in her pocket.”
“She had a packet of blue in her pocket?”
Both Curt and Magnolia stared at Vincent incredulously.
“All right! I’m an idiot! Shut up. Back to the topic. Anything from Stef?”
“She’s twitched once or twice, but we’re still stuck here.”
“Damn. At least the weather doesn’t suck. That’s about the only thing that’s going well.”
Vincent glared at a cloud, daring it to try something. Magnolia sat down. Vincent tried requiring again. Nothing.
“I hate waiting.”
Luckily, that’s the exact moment they were shifted.