Recommended Prior Reading: Mirrorfall

Require: Cookie, Book #2

Wishes have Consequences

Stef Mimosa died.
Struck down by a shard of mirror – a literal piece of solid potential – Agent Ryan makes a wish for her to live, and is left with a corpse whose soul is slowly finding its way home, one that he must hide at all costs.
Ryan is under scrutiny for the death of his recruit – an audit that could lead to his execution.
Within the Agency, Curt – who helped initiate the investigation – sees only life going on without Stef, and Ryan’s apparent lack of care on subject.
Following immediately from the events of Mirrorfall, wishes have consequences in Require: Cookie, Book #2 – Mirrorheart.

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  • Olivia Tuttle says:

    I just finished the first book in this series Mirrorfall, I enjoyed it. There were a few terms that I figured out, but didn’t really know if what I decided the term meant was what the author meant. The main character Stef aka Spyder aka newbie is great, very different from “norm’. She was brought back from death when she was 2 and remembers it. Other characters are interesting too. I really love reading a book with good characters, magic, fae, gnomes etc.
    I recomend this book for those who enjoy fantasy. I’m going to start the 2nd book in the series next. I’m hoping that it is as good as the first one with the characters from the first…..Stef, Jones, Ryan, Chris etc..

  • I
    love the opportunity to read more books

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