Magnolia required gauze. It was standard, first-aid kit gauze.
It had applications that had nothing to do with medicine.
She began to wrap it around Vincent’s head, covering his eyes layer by layer, slowly blocking out his vision, until she knew that all he could see would be blurry shapes.
Anticipation made the teasing all the better.
‘This is going to teach me how to-’
‘Shut up.’
She could hear his eyeroll as she tied the gauze. She allowed herself a small smile, then gagged him.
‘Anyone who is going to tie you up,’ she said, ‘will incapacitate you in more than one way. You need to learn to operate without your eyes.’
He mumbled something around the gag, but it was easy enough to catch the drift of his question.
She put a hand to his chest and walked him back towards the wall. A thought had a rack there – lots of points to tie someone up, lots of angles to operate at, it would provide at least a little entertainment.
She lifted his left hand, allowing it to slide over her breast. ‘Taylor took me into a darkened room for an hour a day, and tried to kill me.’
She bound his left hand with rope.
Vincent mumbled something, that given his way with words, was probably “what the fuck?”.
She bound his right hand with a leather cuff.
This time, he made an appreciate noise.
She unsheathed her knife. ‘Vincent?’
‘Stay still, or you’ll bleed.’
His body seized and pushed back against the rack. She grabbed the neck of his shirt, and began to cut it off. Fabric in ribbons, she loosened his belt and then pulled it from his pants in one motion.
She touched the leather belt to his chest. ‘You haven’t started to free yourself yet.’
He tried to argue through the gag.
She required it away.
‘You said not to move!’
‘Solstice will tell you not to move, will you listen to them!’
‘But you had a knife!’
‘So it was a good idea not to move.’
‘But you just said-’
‘You still can’t use your hands.’
He frowned. ‘Is there a right answer to this?’
‘Right. Shutting up.’
She gagged him again, then slowly removed her own clothes. He was helpless. He trusted her enough to be blind, bound and gagged before her.
A smirk rose, and she quietly began to finger herself as Vincent’s head turned left and right at small noises, trying to see anything through the gauze. She came, then wiped her slick fingers across his chest.
She smiled as he tilted his head down towards his chest.
‘You still aren’t free,’ she said as she unsheathed her knife again, and cut away at his pants. There was no reason to waste a chance to improve her control of fine, close movements – any chance to train was a chance to impress Taylor.
Taylor wouldn’t approve of Vincent.
She knelt, and cuffed each of his feet to the rack, then finally removed his boxers. He was erect and eager…so it meant he was awake, breathing, and in her presence.
He was far from an anomaly on the rotation – each of her fuckbuddies tended to have their own quirks. Screen – fat, gorgeous, and as much of an excuse for casual conversation as casual sex. Sacha – tall, quiet, and hilariously kinky after a few drinks. Howe-
Vincent wiggled, his cock seeking and straining, vulnerable and desperate.
It took very little effort to destroy a penis.
She took a breath, cleared her mind, and wrapped her lips around the head. She made no movement, letting him get whatever contact he could as he pulled at the limits of his restraints.
Restraints that could be removed with one simple dismissal command.
She pulled away, and he groaned in frustration.
Magnolia stood, and pressed a hand to his chest. ‘You still aren’t free, Vincent.’ She lifted a hand to the rack controls, stepped to the side, and let it drop, putting him flat on his back.
She straddled him, and he wiggled again, only managing to make brief contact with her arse cheeks.
‘You are bound by three different types of restraints, you could at least try to get free of one of them. If you fail, you’re-’
His left hand was turning red at the effort of trying to force its way through the rope.
If she’d made such a stupid mistake, Taylor would have kicked her head around the gym. You could struggle, but it only made things worse. She threaded her fingers through his, and forced his hand to be still. ‘You’ve tightened those ropes, you know, there’s no wiggle room in them any more. Keep going, and you aren’t going to be able to anything with that hand for a couple of days.’
Pity. She could take pity, it wasn’t a proper training session after all.
She dismissed the rope from around his hand – another prompt that all he had to do was think about his situation for a moment, and he’d be free – and retied it, looser this time.
‘Think about what you’re doing, and you might have a chance.’
He mumbled through the gag.
A thought removed it. ‘What was that, Recruit?’
‘I thought I was going to get to tie you up.’
‘Do you think you could really manage that?’
His lips twisted into a cocky smile. ‘Well, of course, I’m good at-’
One thought had her clothed again, a second dimmed the lights, and a third removed him from his restraints. She gently squeezed him, and laid a light kiss against his lips. ‘Then catch me if you can.’