Vincent jumped as Magnolia threw a sweeping kick. As he landed, she hit him in the side again.
“Fucking balls on a crutch. I need to put some armor there or something.”
“Armour’s not going to help you much, but on the positive side, that seems to be the only place you’re leaving open. Did you catch all that, Mimosa?”
“Not the first time, but I replayed it twice, and I can see it now.”
Curt snorted, and he seemed to be more interested in whatever he was scribbling.
Vincent required a bottle of water and took a few sips, while Magnolia sat down and watched Vincent.
“Mimosa. I want to see if you can do the same thing I just did to Vincent.”
Stef stood up, and walked around Vincent, who was still catching his breath. She poked him in the side where Magnolia had kicked him.
“That’s the spot?”
Vincent walked to the middle of the gym, and did a short stretch. Stef came running at him, and he ducked, dodged, then got kicked in the side.
Magnolia laughed. Vincent rubbed his side. Stef looked like she was running through that in her head a few more times and grinning. Curt looked up from his book.
“I can see you smirking, Curt.”
“I didn’t say anything.”
Vincent grunted and stood up.  Magnolia waved Stef over and started to go over what they were about to work on.  Vincent sat down and let his mind wander a bit.
La la dum dee doo hey, what’s that?
Vincent looked up.  Magnolia’s skirt seemed shorter.  It was already fairly short for combat purposes, but it appeared to be shrinking.  She did a stretch, as she had just knocked Stef over, and the entirety of her butt was all Vincent could see.
Million dollar question: Is she showing us her ass intentionally?
“I don’t know…”
I think she is. I mean, look at it. Okay, that was stupid to say, you’re staring at it. My point is, she’s intentionally trying to draw your attention. But why? There’s nothing in here that wou-
Vincent rubbed the back of his head. Curt chuckled.
“Magnolia was right. You get even stupider when there’s a hot piece of ass nearby.”
Magnolia tripped Stef, then stomped over to Vincent.
“Good. Now that you know you’re unfocused, you know what to work on.”
“Yeah. Getting a fucking leash for you to drag me around by.”
Mags looked unsure whether to smack Vincent or giggle. Vincent took advantage of the hesitation and rolled towards Magnolia, nearly tripping her, but she dodged and kicked him in the back of the head.
“Good, but you do need to work on your skills, because you might not be able to bewilder your opponent with stupid.”
Vincent rubbed his head again.
“I can’t believe how gracefully you move.  It’s almost like dancing.  Speaking of, are you familiar with capoeira?”
Magnolia nodded.  “It’s been useful once or twice.”
“Yeah.  And sometimes it confuses the hell out of your opponent.”
Vincent ducked, then jumped, getting a beat in his head, and starting to move to that beat.  Stef started giggling.
“That’s not capoeira, that’s Gangnam Style.”