“Hello? Is there a doctor in the house?”
No response.
Good. I think someone would have smacked you for that.
“True enough. Let’s start poking around then.”
Why? This isn’t an RPG.
“No, but it is an infirmary, and I’m sure there’s all sorts of thi- Ping pong table!”
Vincent dashed over and took a look at the table, then grabbed for one of the-
“I’ve seen them fucking on that table. And you don’t want to know what they were doing with that bat.”
Vincent froze, and looked at Magnolia, who was glaring from the door to the combat floor.
“Should I be impressed that the table holds two adult males in reverse cowgirl?”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
“Nevermind. Also, now I have a horrible mental image. What brings you here?”
Magnolia said nothing, but glared a bit more angrily.
“Right. None of my damn business. I’m just going to-”
There was a sudden pain in the back of his head. One of the Parkers had hit him with the pong bat.
What’s with the interruptions today?
“Hi, Agent Parker. I assume you’d like me to bugger off?”
“Unless you’d rather be buggered on… this here table. I hear it holds the weight of two adult males in reverse cowgirl.”
Vincent walked out of the infirmary as fast as he could. He could hear Magnolia laughing. Loudly.
After a few minutes, Vincent saw Magnolia leave the infirmary.
Did you even look where you were going? You’re on the combat floor.
“Am I? I wasn’t paying attention.”
Magnolia walked past, ignoring Vincent, who wasn’t really trying to draw attention to himself, despite talking to himself. He started walking behind her, watching her walk.
Vincent ducked. Magnolia growled.
“Why are you following me?”
“Because I like you, I have nothing better to do, and I kinda want to stay out of trouble. Trouble finds me fairly quickly when I’m bored.”
Magnolia glared. Vincent wasn’t sure if she could see through his omission of the fact that he’s supposed to be watching her.
“And you think I won’t cause you trouble?”
“Of course you will. It’s just that I’m okay with that kind of trouble, and if I accidentally led a hostile fae back here, I’d end up getting kicked my ass kicked by you anyway.”
“Okay, that’s true enough. I still don’t like you following me. You’re like a lost dog.”
Vincent whined and barked.
“See? Now get lost.”
“I don’t feel like leaving the building, and I know my way around this place pretty well, so, I don’t think I’ll get lost.”
Magnolia gave him the glare she used when he said something stupid.
“Shutting up.”
“Okay, look. You can entertain yourself in the gym or something. I have shit to do.”
“Shut it.”
Vincent shut up and headed toward the gym. He looked around the gym, ducked into a corner, and required his tablet.
“Well, if I can’t spy the old fashioned way…”
You’d think she would appreciate the company. Her job must be hell.
“It totally must be. I can’t imagine Taylor doing paperwork. Still, she seems like she can handle it.”
True enough. You should see if Curt has that much shit to do.
“No point. Talking to him’s like squeezing milk from a coconut.”
Good point. Even so, Mags has got to have some sort of trick if she stays that sexy-looking doing all that paperwork, training, and ass-whooping.
A dot on the tablet lit up. Vincent poked it.
“I know, right? She’s got to be crazy. What’s this?”
The tablet showed an increase in Magnolia’s blood pressure. A huge increase. Vincent felt something hit his stomach, hard, and he fell to the floor.