“Shit. Shit shit shit balls fuck shit shit ass shit fishstick.”
The fuck are you on about?
“I’ve been Magnolia’s bitch for almost a week, and it’s starting to get to me.”
Well, you did volunteer…
“Well, yes! But I had no idea that it’d-”
“Vincent! Stop muttering to yourself. We’re going out.”
“Yes, mistress.”
“Call me that again, and I will fucking show you the meaning of the word.”
Magnolia stomped past him, and Vincent fell in behind her.
“Where are we headed?”
“I just fucking told you. Out.”
“That’s incredibly vague, and you know it.”
“Yes. Yes, I do.”
A short walk later, and Vincent was thoroughly lost.
“I don’t think I’m ever going to learn this city. It’s confusing.”
“You’ll get the hang of it. This way.”
Magnolia yanked on his arm and pulled him into a somewhat hidden alley.
“Ooh, dark alleyway. If it was anyone but you, I’d be a little nervous. Since it’s you, though, I’m terrified.”
“Shut up, Vincent. It’s just a fae entrance. You can’t hear the music already?”
“No, I-”
Dude, if you’d shut up for half a second…
Vincent could indeed hear music. It wasn’t anything he’d heard before.
That’s because, stupid, you don’t listen to music. What’s the latest popular boy band?
Vincent shrugged and followed Magnolia, as she led him into a small… cafe? Pub? Coffee shop? Whatever it was, the music was much better than mere background noise, and the smell of the place got Vincent thinking about those weird cookie-cake-fruit pie things they had in that fae shop in Arizona. Magnolia drug him to a table at the far wall.
“You look overwhelmed, Vincent.”
“I… am out of my element.”
“You’ve been an Agency bitch for too long.”
“And now I’m your bitch.”
“Yes. Yes, you are. So, get to signing these papers, and I’ll get us something to drink.”
“I- you- what- paperwork?”
He looked at the stack of papers she had required. They were Agency documents, and it looked like most of them had to do with his assignment to watch Magnolia, or the training sessions with her and Stef.
No, that one’s a request for your ability to require firearms to be replaced with a giant purple dildo instead.
“What the fuck.”
Vincent folded the request and stuck it in his jacket pocket.
Good idea. You should show that one to Curt. He’ll think it’s hilarious.
After a few minutes, Magnolia returned with two drinks, a pale pinkish color, which she took for herself, and a viscous green color, which she handed to Vincent.
“You got through that stack faster than I thought. I guess I should get you some more papers.”
“No, thank you. I think I should take a break for a few minutes.”
“Fair enough. How’s your drink?”
“I haven’t tried it yet because it reminds me of the last sinus infection I had.”
“It’s not that foul looking. It’s a fae cocktail with some sort of mint in it.”
Vincent took another look at it, and slowly sipped it. It was rather good, with another flavor on top of the mint that Vincent couldn’t quite place. He caught Magnolia watching him.
“What? Did you poison it or something?”
“Well… it wasn’t poison…”
“It was a fae drug that is kind of like a sleeping pill.”
“… fuck.”
Magnolia smirked.
“Relax. I just wanted to work without you making stupid jokes for a few minutes. Have a nice nap.”
Vincent decided to just go with it and got comfortable before drifting off.